Wednesday, August 02, 2006

UN Resolution for Iran

UN Resolution demands Iran suspend nuke program or face consequences.

It took me a few minutes to write that sentence. After all, it's hard to type while laughing so hard. My guess is, the Iranians are probably laughing just as hard. The UN threatening action? Right.

Anyone out there want to take bets on what happens after the August 31 deadline comes and goes? We know Iran won't stop their nuke program. I think the only think up for debate is exactle how many UN Resolutions are issued before the US has to build another coalition to go in and do the UN's job for them. How many were issued to Iraq? 18 or 19? I lost count.

That's a mighty big number, but I think the UN can surpass it. After all, the US is stretched to a near-limit and there doesn't seem to be much of a coalition willing to disarm these lunatics. So maybe the UN can get up to 20 or 30 worthless resolutions before something is actually done. Either that, or Iran lobs a few warheads into Europe and wakes up the appeasers. I'm not sure which will come first.

But I'm certain August 31 is a pretty meaningless "deadline".


Mother Jug-a-Rum said...

I doubt the U.S. will do anything about this problem at this stage of the game. I do however believe that Israel will end up taking care of it. They've done it before, and they'll do it again. And unlike the U.S., they could care less about "world opinion" when it comes to their security.

We'll just see if that deadline is meaningless. :)

Carnivore said...

The whole world ought to be wide awake in regards to Iran's intentions with nukes. They have been very vocal and have not concealed their intentions in the media about what their wishes are. They do intend on using them on Israel, the UK and US. This was just recently reaffirmed in a speech made by Alamahjumwhatever the hell his name is. The western cultures/countires have the means to deal with this, just lacking the gusto to it. These people need to be taken out in a ruthless and unforgiving manner or else decent civilized folk will cease to exist.

chuck said...

heres a sobering thought....just what if...countries like the US cease to give a damn abut the rest of the world, what if after resolution and after resolution, NO one wants to go in and do the dirty work. Lets hear what the crybaby liberals have to say after that happens, or what the french or other european countries have to say then.....i bet they will be begging for a global super power such as the US to come in and fight their war....yet again.

I say we cut the rest of the world off, lets take care of our own people and let the others, "sort it out amounst themselves" aside from nuclear involvement of course. if they start playing around with that then we just end it real quick with a couple of ICBMs, i can just hear the posts in reply to this one, dan....dont even think about it. Dont you have some vacation to take??