Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Crazy like a fox

"...they don't want to live side-by-side in peace with other nations. The American government, sir, it is very clear to me they have to change their behavior and everything will be resolved. (George W. Bush) believes that his power emanates from his nuclear warhead arsenals. The time of the bomb is in the past, it's behind us. Today is the era of thoughts, dialogue and cultural exchanges."

The man who said these words is none other than Iranian President Amadinejad in his upcoming 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace. As you laugh, remember this was the same man who said that Israel should be wiped off the earth. Is that what he means by 'era of thoughts, dialogue and cultural exchanges'?

He says the 'time of the bomb is in the past', yet continues to build his own bomb in defiance of the UN. I am seriously beginning to think that he may be schizophrenic or have multiple personalities. That, at least, could explain his behavior. But who needs explanations? In the words of Chris Rock..."Whatever happened to just plain crazy?" Yes, I think some Haldol would do this man some good.

Poor Wallace. Interviewing this guy must have been like interviewing a monkey on meth.

But I have to hand it to the nutjob, his strategy is brilliant. America is divided and his only hope of victory is for that divide to continue. So he utters a few mushy idealistic comments to an American reporter and soon all the liberals are swooning. Next, the calls of "get out of Iraq" will be replaced by "leave Iran alone".

He may be crazy, but he ain't dumb.


Anonymous said...

Wallace is the monkey on meth, or should I say Kool-aid.

gravelrash said...

Lets call a spade a spade. Ahmadinajad is insane. There are not really too many other conclussions you can draw about a man who communes with spirits while his head is stuck down a well, are there!?
Talking to him, attempting to reason with him, reduces you to his level, and elevates him in the eyes of his fellow jihadists.
No talk, no compromise. He knows exactly which cards are on the table. Don't let him slip a new one out of his sleeve - he has to play this hand, or fold.