Monday, February 28, 2011

No. 13: Choice

Over the next few weeks I will be performing my own little political countdown. It's more for my amusement than anything else, but I also feel that it's a good way to glimpse into the mind of the average Liberal. Such humorous creatures these Liberals, and yet so mysterious. This is my list of the top 20 things Liberals don't believe. We'll say it's in the interest of understanding one another.

One could argue that the strongest reason for the colonist rebellion against the English crown in 1770 was the right to choose.  Above all else, Americans rejected the notion that one's destiny is predetermined, that your surname had more influence over your future than your own actions, that those of "status" could decide for you things that you should be deciding for yourself.  Yes, we opposed taxation without representation.  We opposed religious persecution.  We opposed authoritarian rule.  But the right to choose our own paths was arguably a more powerful motivator than all of these things.

Unfortunately, Liberals don't like the idea of individual choice.  I could fill many pages of examples of this, but in the interest of space I'll keep it limited.  Let's start with education. 

I've posted on this topic before so I'll hit the high notes.  Common sense Americans feel that parents and students should have a right to choose which school their children attend, and how they are educated.  Liberals disagree.  Liberals so adamantly oppose school choice that few topics will unite them more strongly in opposition.  Mention vouchers and prepare to be attacked from multiple fronts.  They believe there is no choice when it comes to education.  They believe that all students should be educated in the public sector without exception; and the particular public school you attend is determined by your address.  Don't like it?  Too bad.  Does your address belong to a subpar school with lazy teachers, filled with gang violence, teenage pregnancy and drug abuse?  Too bad.  You have no choice in the matter.  We could get into all the reasons why this is so, but that's another post.  The bottom line is that when it comes to education you will have no luck finding a Liberal who supports the notion of choice.

And what about the workers?  You know, the people the Liberals love to "fight for"?  Common sense Americans believe that whether or not a worker joins a union is an individual choice and is strictly up to the worker.  Liberals disagree.  In fact, this very month, the Left has held rallies and marches all across the Great Lakes region in part because the Governors in those states are proposing laws that would allow public workers choice in joining a union.  That's simply unacceptable in the eyes of the Left.  And so they march, and they protest, and they carry signs comparing those Governors to Hitler and Mussolini.

Let's not forget card check.  This is a law, supported by President Obama, that would end private ballots when workers vote to unionize.  Naturally, such a law would open the door to the union thugs who could witness any ballot cast by a worker and easily bully that worker into voting their way.  Remember, the same Liberals who argued in Florida in 2000 that a voter's "intent" was enough to count a vote now believe that it's okay to hold a public vote when deciding to unionize.  Is this consistent with the notion of individual choice? 

Healthcare is no different.  President Obama's pride and joy is his healthcare law, which is the first of many steps in eliminating one's choice in healthcare options.  In an ideal Liberal world, healthcare decisions would be made by politicians and bureaucrats, not doctors and patients.  If they had their way, the government would tell you which doctor to see and how often, and which medical conditions would be covered, which drugs could be taken.  It's the pinnacle of government power, and they won't stop pursuing it until the common sense Americans stop them.  President Obama himself is on record saying that ultimately a single payer system is the goal.  Choice?  I don't think so.

The current tax system allows little choice.  This may sound odd because isn't it obvious that we don't have a choice when it comes to taxes?  Of course we don't, but just because it's true doesn't mean it's right.  Ask a common sense American if citizens should choose to pay taxes and I think many of them would say yes.  That's why many of us support the Fair Tax, or the consumption tax.  Basically, if we want fair taxation while granting all citizens individual choice in paying  taxes then a national sales tax is the only way to do so.  But mention this idea and you're a radical, a kook, an anti-government teabagger.  Liberals certainly don't want Americans to choose whether or not they fund the excess and binge of the federal government.

Gay marriage?  Liberals oppose the voters' right to choose whether or not it is legalized.

Prayer in school?  Liberals oppose allowing students to choose whether or not prayer is held in the public arena, supporting instead a complete ban on religion in the public sector.

Talk radio?  Liberals oppose your choosing whether you listen to political talk shows on TV or radio.

Energy?  If Liberals have it their way you will not be able to choose simple things like how warm or cool you keep your home.  "Smart" grids will become the norm. 

Safe cars?  Liberals imposed the CAFE standards that forced automakers to create death traps...lightweight cars that offer little protection in an accident.  Want to purchase a safe automobile?  Not in this country.

Abortion?  Oops.  Funny how this is the one topic that bucks the trend.  If it's educating your children, or taking care of your health, or listening to the radio, the Liberals stand firmly against your right to choose.  But you want to kill an unborn child?  Well, in that case, they all of a sudden believe you have the right to make such a choice.  Perplexing if not sinister.

But let's cut to the chase.  What choice are the Liberals ultimately after?  They push government entitlements and support the welfare state despite our dire economic condition.  They serve up the government handouts as if the treasury is bottomless.  Why?  Look at it this way, if you depend on the government for food, for education, for healthcare, for childcare, for retirement, for security, for housing, for employment, and for a myriad of other necessities that you are unwilling to supply yourself then who are you going to vote for?  Obviously, the person who is willing to continue giving you those handouts has essentially bought your vote and, in my opinion, disenfranchised you as a human being.  So, the ultimate restriction of choice is in voting. 

Do Liberals want you, as a citizen, to be self-reliant, liberated and completely free of government handouts?  Well, that wouldn't serve their party very well now would it?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Update: Wisconsin

As first reported tonight by Bill O'Reilly, a recent Rasmussen poll shows that 48% of likely voters support the Governor of Wisconsin and his efforts, while 38% oppose.  In addition, 56% of independent voters side with the Governor.

This is telling and further evidence of the depth of the Tea Party movement, which I believe is the most powerful political force in America today.  Politicians will ignore numbers like these at their own political peril.  My advice to Republicans is that they should be as vocal as possible in support of the Governor's actions.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin in Turmoil

Facing a massive budget deficit and the undeniable necessity to cut taxpayer costs, the Governor of Wisconsin has at last stepped forward and - with the help of conservative legislators - put forth a plan to trim costs.  What he is doing takes courage.  When Evil Prospers applauds these measures and encourages the Governor to stand firm and do the people's business, no matter the threats and bully tactics that are being directed his way.

The main target of his cuts are the public sector unions, a glutton of taxpayer dollars for decades.  Actions like this have been needed long before now and it's refreshing to see a group of politicians finally step forward with tangible action to shrink the bloated bureaucracy that has crippled the taxpayers for years.

In response, the public sector workers - namely teachers - have shut down the school system, abandoned their students and gathered in massive protest at the state capitol.  Their battle cry is "Freedom! Democracy! Unions!".  Well, I guess two out of three aint bad, with a nod  to Meatloaf.   These people don't believe in freedom in any way, nor do they support democracy, but they very much believe in unions and they are showing it. 

Freedom?  Does freedom mean coercing students to join your protest?  Packing the capitol building with hopes of disrupting the process?  Does freedom mean demanding more from taxpayers while giving them mediocre schools and education in return? 

Democracy?  The Governor and legislature were elected by the people and are therefore in office to do the people's business.  You can protest all you want, but seeking to shut down the democratic process and silence your opponents by shouting them down is NOT democracy, nor does it represent freedom.  And in yet another nod to tyranny, the democrat senators of Wisconsin have reverted to fugitive tactics and fled the state in order to avoid a vote and, yes, shut down the democratic process.  They will not vote unless the law is changed, unless the Governor bends to will of the "workers", whether or not such action is supported by the majority of voters.

This is the union's idea of freedom.  This is the democrat party's idea of democracy.  Submit to our will or we will cripple the system.  Damn the voters.  Freedom! Democracy! Unions!  Che Guevara would be proud, as would Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Kim Jung Il, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

And just what is it that has the American Soviets so upset?  The Governor is ending their collective bargaining (read: bullying) power, so that children in the public education system can no longer be held hostage by threat of teacher strikes and holdouts.  He is requiring public workers to contribute to their own retirement plan (like the rest of us must do); he is requiring them to contribute to their health care plan (like the rest of us must do) and he is requiring ANY pay raise that exceeds the inflation rate to be approved by voter referendum.  Imagine that, the people who foot the bill being given a little say-so in how much they have to pay!  These measures will save the state a lot of money and go a long way to bridging the massive budget gap the people of Wisconsin face. 

Unacceptable, say the Soviets.  They want that budget gap closed by tax hikes, namely by hikes on those of us who are already asphyxiated by taxation so they can continue to draw their cush retirements, golden-plated health care benefits, ironclad job security, all while herding our kids through crappy, drug-infested schools and graduating them with barely enough ability to read and write, yet plenty of knowledge about Marxism and a "workers of the world unite" mentality. 

I say it's about time something like this was done and I give the lawmakers of Wisconsin a standing ovation, and follow that by asking why is Texas not doing the same?  I guess I'll be contacting my state senator soon.  Until then, stand firm Governor!  Let them protest.  Let them threaten.  Let them fight all they want, but whatever you don't let them intimidate you.  We - the people of America - have had it with these bully tactics of the public service unions and we'll be bullied no more.  Their days of gluttony on the backs of people like me are over.  God bless you all, and be strong!!