Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Defining the Drones

In regards to my last post:

Yes, my post was loaded the cynicism and negativity. That is a reflection not just of my own personal opinions, but of many across the country. Some may dismiss the views as simple partisanship or ideology. My response to that is to say that I am an independent, and my ideology is one of traditional conservativism, that is the very ideology upon which America was founded. I am not bitter about a liberal getting elected President. I remember the Clinton years well and hardly felt any real concern about the future of America. This is very different. And I am not a doom-and-gloom pessimist. I take things as they come and comment on them accordingly.

I am hardly one to worry or wring my hands about what the boobs in Washington do, because in previous years ultimately the will of the people prevailed, which is exactly why I voiced so much concern in the last post. If a particular administration pursues a particular agenda with the consent of the people, that's fine. But when our elected leaders ignore and in some ways deliberately subvert the will of the people, then it's a legitimate cause for alarm. Because then we no longer live in a Republic, but are instead subjected to the tyrannical rule of a few hundred individuals who believe they know what's best for all of us. If there are some who dismiss this as alarmist or over-reacting, then I don't know what else to say except open your eyes and look carefully at what's going on.

As for my "drones" comment. It is my belief that a significant number of people in America are seeking to radically redesign this democracy into something the Founders never intended. A best guess is 20% of the population. What they want is "economic justice", income redistribution both domestically and internationally, maximum government control over industry and commerce, and limited if not subserviant American involvement in foreign affairs. In short, these people seek full-blown socialism. They have great resources and lots of money. Many of them are in influential positions in our education system, our legal system, our political system, and the media. To them, the State is the supreme power. We all exist for the State. Everything we do, everything we produce is for the benefit of the State.

It is a powerful force, and yet they are at best 20% of the population. Hardly enough to make significant changes. So they utilize misinformation and half-truths to rally others around their cause. Those who rally are generally ignorant of the truth and tend to accept what they're told at face value without verifying for themselves. In many cases, the mistruths are easy to accept because they would benefit in some way if the mistruth were indeed true. Others find the cause fulfilling where their lives are otherwise empty or superficial (see Hollywood). And still others simply yearn for an earthly utopia and see the capitalists, the conservatives, the Republicans and pretty much anyone else who believes in true liberty as an obstruction in their path. These are the people I refer to as "drones".

They are ignorant of the truth, or simply choose to ignore it for their own benefit. Arguing with them is fruitless. Often they resort to the irrelevant emotional argument: We have to help the poor, the elderly, the children, we have to protect the planet. People are suffering, we must do something. And they use the same emotional arguments to demonize the opposition. Conservatives oppose program Y, therefore they hate group Z (those who would benefit from program Y). Or the play victomology. Group X was wronged by group Y and the State must make it right. Or they play the entitlement game. YOU have been victimized by society, WE will make it right. Or they play the class warfare game, feeding into people's envy, regret, or personal shortcomings, allowing blame to be placed on others. Lastly, they resort to personal attacks (I've been called everything from racist to homophobe to xenophobe and everything in between). These tactics are very effective and thus recruiting drones is rather easy even when the facts aren't on their side. You can't argue against these tactics except to point out the facts, which I will no longer do. They count on the ignorance of others to fuel the cause. I will count on the reader to investigate for themselves. Self-Enlightenment will be my counter-argument.

So I've decided to quit arguing with them. My opinions are based on fact, reason and common sense and it is no longer my inclination to repeatedly point that out. If I encounter a drone, or a socialist attempting to recruit drones, I will simply ignore them and seek discussion with open-minded individuals who value liberty and seek the truth. Likewise, there are certain issues that I will no longer argue because, again, the facts are on my side. When these issues come up, it will be easy to recognize them because the drones will be utilizing their time-tested tactics. And so I lay these issues to rest. No longer will I engage in those conversations.

Are you one of these drones? Below is a list I've compiled of certain things that the socialists have manufactured to rally folks to their cause. The list is incomplete, and I will certainly add to it. But if you find yourself agreeing with a great number of these lies and mistruths, then I would recommend a little more research, and remind you that I will no longer discuss them on this site.

If you believe in the following, then there is concern that others are defining your opinions for their own personal gain or for the gain of the State:

Human activity is causing the earth's climate to change.
Those with money are "fortunate", while those with less are "less fortunate".
The government is a provider.
Equal rights and equal outcomes are one in the same.
President Geoge W. Bush created the Recession of '08-'09 with his fiscal policy.
War is never necessary.
The United States is inherently flawed and must be radically changed.
The United States is a greedy nation and has done little to ease global suffering.
Capitalism only benefits a select few.
Crime is the result of society's short-comings.
The United States is an imperialistic nation.
The government is noble.
The government is compassionate.
It is possible to for the government to spend its way to economic prosperity.
Healthcare is a right.
Education is a right.
Childcare is a right.
Retirement security is a right.
Home ownership is a right.
Employment is a right.
Imposing limits on wages and salaries is noble.
Requiring a minimum wage is good for the economy.
Labor Unions look out for the workers.
The Tea Parties are nothing but "astroturf" movements.
ACORN was victimized by a setup.
GOP obstructionists offer no real ideas of their own.
Tax cuts reduce federal revenue.
Women do not get equal pay for equal work.
The KSM trial in Manhattan is a legitimate display of a fair justice system.
The NEA looks out for the students.
The AMA looks out for the patients.
Educating our children is the responsibility of the federal government.
Taxing the rich only hurts the rich, not the poor.
Government revenues increase with more taxes.

Those are just a few. If you're unsure about any of these statements, or if you believe them outright, then it's time to do a little research on your own.