Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Just got an email from a friend with the link below. Warning! Do NOT click this link unless you can tolerate graphic scenes:

For those who don't click, it shows an 8 year old boy in Iran being punished for stealing. 8 years old...his punishment? He is forced to lay his arm before a truck while the care rolls over it, crushing his arm and rendering it useless. By the look of terror on his face, there was no pain medication given.

And WE'RE the barbarians? Israel is cursed for "disproportionate" violence? The people at Gitmo should be given equal rights? Wake up people! This is the 'religion of Peace'. These pictures show just how screwed up these extremist wackos really are and, like my friend, I can't begin to describe how these photos make me feel. It's sickness and evil to the core.

Yet, we continue to curse the West for 'inciting violence'. I don't think the West had anything to do with crushing this boy's arm. Now tell me why he grows up pissed off and angry. It's not the actions of the West.

I highly recommend you looking at them. It paints an accurate picture of what we're up against.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

This was such a vivid picture of Islam that I posted the photographs themselves on my post and credited yourself. EVERYONE needs to see these photographs.


Anonymous said...

While the photos are real, the story is not. This was actually part of a street act/show. See Urban Legends...

This isn't the first email hoax you've commented on, so be sure to verify your sources.