Thursday, August 24, 2006


Two Muslim students ‘shocked’ about being thrown off of plane

This story reports on two Asian Muslim students who were removed from a plane after passengers protested their behavior (which wasn’t specified in the story). This is described as a ‘mutiny’ by the other passengers, and the two students in question said they were ‘shocked’.
Two things: First, they said they were ‘two ordinary lads who wanted a bit of fun’. This makes me wonder what exactly they were doing or saying. If they were sitting quietly in their seats, I doubt they would have attracted much attention. The lack of detail about this in the story sparks my curiosity.

Second, they were ‘shocked’ about being removed from the plane. Shocked? Have they not been watching the news? They are young, Muslim males, just like every suicide bomber that has ever killed an innocent person. Why would they be shocked at the other passengers voicing concern about their presence? No, not every young Muslim male is a suicide bomber, but every suicide bomber is a young Muslim male, shouldn’t this at least be a basis for suspicion? Now, that gets into profiling which is a whole other post.

But I don’t think the Muslim community should be ‘shocked’ when something like this happens. After all, I wouldn’t protest in the least if a Christian were stopped and questioned outside of an abortion clinic…they’ve earned it!

Maybe if the Muslim community would start policing their extremists, they wouldn’t have to worry about being kicked off of airplanes…maybe they wouldn’t have to worry about being ‘shocked’ when others look at them funny. Until then, I tip my hat to those passengers.

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