Thursday, August 03, 2006

The right to molest?

Man claims that pedophilia is a civil right

It was only a matter of time. As you read this article you may laugh at how ridiculous it sounds, but don’t laugh too hard. This is just one more downhill stop on the slippery slope of our moral fiber. So this article may sound ridiculous now, but in ten years the man’s claim may become the norm.

After all, twenty years ago it was a ridiculous notion to think that homosexuality was not a conscious choice, and that homosexuals should be allowed to marry. Now, you’re a bigot if you have such thoughts. Judges all over the nation are adding to the controversy by calling the crime of child molestation a "disease" and sentencing the offender to "treatment" rather than prison time.

To hell with that. I say lock them up for a long, long time.

So, this nut in Ohio will likely be put in prison, but his words will set a precedent. Soon, more pedophiles will be making similar claims and it won’t be long before they demand equal rights under the law, maybe even demand the right to marry a six year old. See what happens in an immoral society? It’s the children who ultimately pay the price for our sins.

So one day in the near future I may be called a bigot by saying that it's immoral for an adult to have sex with a child. You may laugh, but don't laugh too hard.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I heard this story on a radio show I listen to yesterday. It's pretty creepy. Tolerance for this kind of thing is exactly how Rome degenerated. We don't want to end of the same way.

chuck said...

all i have to say is two words that would solve this and many other issues that america faces today. CAPITOL PUNISHMENT.

no bullshi* three strikes crap, no second chances (does that child get a second chance at a childhood free from what has happend to them?) no "rehabilitation" in some fancy country club prison, if a person is convicted of child molestation, the punishment should be first, public (gallery style) dis-embowlement or at least removal of sex organs, then public hanging until death, that is if they survived the amputation(s) (its VERY vascular down there!)