Friday, August 18, 2006

Some good from Hollywood

In light of what seems to a clear anti-war and anti-troops sentiment in Hollywood (and yes, opposing a soldier's cause DOES in fact equate to NOT supporting said soldier, please don't ask me to explain this again, if any veterans out there feel the need to explain, please be my guest), I decided to post a portion of an email from an active duty friend of mine.

I’m deploying next month and I want you to know that Cher (Sonny and Cher) bought me an insert for my Kevlar helmet to make it more comfortable and safe. The item cost $104 and she buys them in bulk to distribute
To the troops. Has that made it on the news in the US? I want to get the word out about what she is doing for us.

Well, I'm gonna do my share. Although I'm not particularly fond of Cher as an entertainer I now consider myself one her biggest fans, as a person. She may not support the war (I'm really not sure of her position), but you haven't seen her in front of the press saying it. And giving like this to the troops? Well, that speaks volumes.

What impresses me the most is that she is NOT publicizing her generosity. That says a lot about her true motives. Believe me, if it were Sean Penn he'd be sure to be surrounded by cameras as he presented one of these helmets to the troops.

So, I tip my hat to you, Cher. Thank you for supporting America's troops. You, Ma'am, are indeed a patriot in my book.


Anonymous said...

That's intersting. Strange that she wouldn't publicize it, but that's a good thing. Baaaad music though. Very bad.

Anonymous said...

Her music is quite good, her acting is even better, and her heart is in the right place.

Anonymous said...

You should tell the soilder that this has made it in the press. Cher was even on C-span with the founder of Operation Helmet. Both then went to Capitol Hill.

Anonymous said...

Cher doen't support the war and CLEARLY supports the troops. She also donated $300,000 to the fallen soldiers foundation, if that is not support, I don't know what is.