Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gibson should apologize for more

Gibson should apologize for "Passion of the Christ"…says Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner has made the statement that if Mel Gibson is going to receive full forgiveness from Hollywood, then he must apologize for and admit that "The Passion of the Christ" was anti-semetic. Pardon me for being rude, but Rob Reiner is a fool.

The Bible portrays the crucifixion, and Gibson’s movie was based on those words. Granted, there was some use of dramatic license, but he did not drift from the basic premise that is described in the Bible. The Jewish Sanhedrin arrested Christ, tried Him in an arguably illegal manner, and asked for His execution. Pontius Pilate handed down the death sentence and the Roman military carried out the execution. These are the facts (depending on your individual belief) as they are depicted in the Bible.

So, Mr. Reiner, where is the anti-semetism? Is the Bible itself anti-semetic? If so, then why are the Jews described as God’s ‘chosen people’? Is that anti-semetic?

Let’s be truthful. Gibson’s movie was hated for one reason…it was Christian in nature. And we all know how Hollywood feels about Christianity. So, I don’t mind the criticism of Gibson, but I think that criticism should be voiced for what it is…a hatred of Christianity and not some transparent noble defense of the Jewish religion.

I’m not defending Gibson’s recent action. But let’s be fair. Just because he said some stupid things doesn’t mean his depiction of Biblical events is just as stupid. Hollywood, Mr. Reiner included, is simply exploiting his unfortunate incident to continue their thunderous attacks on the Christian religion.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the movie but I doubt that it's anti-Semetic. It's not anyone's fault that Jesus was crucified. And why would it be anti-Semetic to say Jews did it? It'd also be like a thank you, since you know, Jesus dying for everyone's sins was the whole point of his life.

Anonymous said...

Right on, John! Like "robert m." said, we ALL killed Jesus. After all, He was dying for OUR sins.