Sunday, August 27, 2006

"A hole in the ground..."

Nagin calls WTC site "A hole in the ground..."

I've posted many times on Nagin, so I don't have repeat how petty, immatue and unprofessional he is. Nor do I have to remind the people of New Orleans that they have NO room to complain about anything related to Katrina given the fact that they re-elected one of the men responsible for the botched response. Yes, more elections are coming, but this was the first. This was the first opportunity for the citizens of New Orleans to express their discontent. And the response..."We're okay with things as they are."

So this is your mayor, New Orleans. He refers to the World Trade Center as a 'hole in the ground' as if forgetting that 3,000 people died there. What's next? I wonder what he thinks about Normandy beach? Is Pearl Harbor nothing but an ugly oil-slick to him?

Classless would be a good word for this man but, in all honesty, it would probably be an insult to those without class. Nagin seems to be concerned about the nation's lack of concern for his broken city, yet everytime a camera is on him he behaves like some second-rate hoodlum and not an elected leader of a major city.

So, New Orleans can't complain, and they certainly can't show any discontent over this man's comments. This is your mayor, New Orleans. You made that decision yourselves.

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pdaddy said...

His comments were absurd. He has severe mental issues and racial issues, and he shows it everytime he opens his mouth. I hope the people of New Orleans are happy with their decision. No other mayor in any american city would stoop so low. Maybe thats why The Big Easy was falling apart before Katrina.