Thursday, August 24, 2006

Racism pays the bills

Shreveport bus driver sends black students to the back of the bus

There is obviously an investigation going on, and if these allegations are found to be true and there is no logical explanation (ie, the white students had some form of disability) then the bus driver should be fired…period. Another alternative shouldn’t even be considered. This bus driver should be fired.

But what I don’t agree with is the NAACP getting ruffled about it and threatening to investigate the entire school district, even to the point of getting the Justice Dept involved. Is there a reason for this? Is the NAACP prepared to accuse the entire Red River School District of racism based on the actions of one imbecile? Isn’t that what they argue against, judging a group by the actions of one person?

I look at the NAACP just as I look at the Rainbow Coalition, they’re businesses. And businesses need money. In this case, the money comes from private contributions, and situations like the one above are looked at as opportunities to raise money…that’s all. Bottom line: racism pays the bills and there's no way they're going to allow racism to "go away" when their lifestyles depend on it to put food on the table.

I don’t believe the NAACP is ‘looking out’ for minorities any more than I believe our politicians are looking out for the interests of the common citizens. Maybe that’s not fair, but I haven’t seen the NAACP nor the Rainbow Coalition do much more than stir the racial pot in an attempt to incite racial division…which is what provides them money.

So fire the bus driver and send the message that this will not be tolerated, but the NAACP should stay out of it.

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