Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's Blair's fault

Muslims warn Blair

I'm beginning to wonder what the Muslim faith is about. This article is stunning. Apparently, Muslim leaders in England feel the need to blame Tony Blair for the "rise in extremism" and go so far as to say that his policy towards Iraq and failure to pressure Israel are contributing to Muslim violence. They've written him a letter detailing these concerns.

So it's Blair's fault.

England just thwarted a major terror plot intent on murdering hundreds, if not thousands, of people, and who do the Muslim leaders feel the need to criticize? Tony Blair. Unbelievable.

They feel that Blair's policy fuels terrorism, but don't seem too concerned about how much fuel their criticism supplies. I wonder if they ever thought about how effective a "letter" denouncing the extremists would be? Wouldn't that serve more of a purpose than basically agreeing with the extremists in stating that the West is wrong? Wouldn't it show those people that they are isolating themselves. Instead, they echo the message of the terrorists.

The Muslim faith has been hijacked by extremist psychos, and NO church leaders seem to care. Is there any Muslim leader out there with the guts to take a stand against those who blaspheme their religion?

So far I haven't seen it...which is why I'm beginning to wonder about the faith as a whole.


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Dan Trabue said...

"The Muslim faith has been hijacked by extremist psychos, and NO church leaders seem to care. Is there any Muslim leader out there with the guts to take a stand against those who blaspheme their religion?"

Could it be because this is an insiders' discussion, talked about in the mosques and their inner circle?

Wouldn't it be appropriate for Muslim leaders to write Blair a public letter talking about what change of course he needs to take - from the concerned Muslims' point of view - to help not fuel deadly fanaticism? And wouldn't it be appropriate to take the discussion of the problems of "Islamic" extremism to those extremists?

For what it's worth, I've read Muslim criticisms of terrorism. Below are a couple of sources, there are more out there.

I'm guessing you're not seeing these discussions because,

1. You're not looking for them and,
2. You're not Muslim.

"New polls of Muslims from around the world find large and increasing percentages reject suicide bombings and other forms of violence against civilians and say they have no confidence in Osama bin Laden."

based on info from Pew Research, found at

"Islam, which sees itself as a religion of peace, is now associated with murder and mayhem. Never before in history, it appears, has there been a conjunction of factors as in our time that has allowed people to kill and be killed on such a scale, with such extraordinary frequency and in so many gruesome ways."

found in the Islamic Voice:

I could go on, there are more out there, if you look. The point is, it's hard for peaceable Muslims to get their voice heard when the West keeps validating the extremists/terrorists' position - that we're a threat to them. It's a legitimate point.

John The Patriot said...

"You're not looking for them"

I'm not looking for them? Seems to me that if MY religion were being slandered and the entire world looked at me as a terrorist, then I wouldn't want people to have to "look" for the truth. Islam is engaged in a publicity war with an extremist sect and, guess what, the religion is losing. SO maybe they should do a better job of promoting the positive side of their religion rather than waiting for people to go "look" for it.

Dan Trabue said...

"Seems to me that if MY religion were being slandered and the entire world looked at me as a terrorist"

Welcome to my world...

chom fa said...

Dan, "Your world" is the problem. Multiculturalism, in my country, Australia, has been an outstanding success, but blinded by ideological zealotry, we did not countenance the fact that not ALL cultures are compatible or desirable.
We are slowly coming, en masse, to that conclussion.
Lebanese? WE have many, all good citizens, but they were Maronite Christian, Druze and Copts, in the main. Since "the Intifada/Civil War" period, mass migration from the Beqaah Valley, and what do we have....street wars and jihadiis, all disapproving, all demanding changes to accomodate them.
No thanks.

The problem, Islam, is you.
In simple terms, what a man believes is what a man does, and Islam is nothing if not devoted to its beliefs.
Mind if we pass?
As for Blair and the Islamic councils.
We have to understand - Blair and his ministers have to understand - those responses? THAT IS the answer. Demand piled on demand, concession won, means concession advanced. That is Umaah-fication, no?
Islamic migration is invasion.
You have nothing we want, and we have everything you seem to crave.
Not a fair trade, not a wise trade...not gonna happen either. Call me what you will, but don't forget....patriotic and proud.

Dan Trabue said...

"My world" is the problem? "My world" to which I alluded, is Christianity, which is being daily maligned by those who act in opposition to Christ's teachings in Christ's name. I don't think "my world" is the problem, but you're free to think so if you wish.

Don't mind us if we choose to disagree with you.