Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lebanon...our ally?

Lebanon calls for US to help end Israel’s blockade.

Did anyone see Shepard Smith’s interview with Lebanon’s president? For those who didn’t, this guy – someone the White House considers an ally and an administration ‘supported’ by the US – basically stated that Hezbollah was ‘defending’ Lebanon and in so many words referred to them as freedom fighters. Again, he was talking about Hezbollah. The group backed by Iran and Syria (the nation responsible for holding Lebanon under its boot for years) and the group that fired hundreds of rockets into civilian communities…deliberately targeting civilians. These people were defending Lebanon?

And now he wants our help to end Israel’s blockade? I don’t know how the State Dept will react, but my response would include something along the lines of ‘when hell freezes over’

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World Peace Religion said...

Cheney will know what do with this guy.