Saturday, April 29, 2006

State senate supports criminal behavior

The California Senate is now officially on record supporting illegal immigration. Read this article for more.

This doesn't surprise me. Everyone knows the people of California are adrift on a sea illusion. Their perception of reality matches that of Peter Pan. So it's only fitting for them to elect representatives with the same imagination.

But what really struck me about this article are the comments of one Senator comparing the plight of illegal aliens to slavery and women's suffrage. I'm not black and I'm not female, and this still offended me greatly. My hope is that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the feminist leadership lash out at this guy for making such a desecrating remark.

Illegal immigrants are hardly suffering. These people are getting paid better than they ever would in their own country, the get free health care, access to social security, food stamps and other government programs and do all of this without having to pay taxes. If anything, they are one of the most privilidged sub-classes in American history. Yet, one deranged California Senator likens them to the slaves and the oppresion of women. Is anyone else disgusted by this?

At some point, California became disconnected from the rest of the nation. I think too much sunshine must do damage to the part of the brain responsible for perceiving reality.


WRBishop said...

Nothing that comes out of that place surprises me. I don't even consider it a part of the union. Because the comments came out of Cali I doubt anyone from Jackson to the Fems will say a word because even they will not shit where they eat.

Gayle said...

"Is anyone else disgusted by this?"

As a woman, although not a black woman, I am totally disgusted by this. The Moonbat Senator is not even comparing apples and oranges... he's comparing apples and pitchforks. At least apples and oranges are both fruit.

I just heard on Fox that Mexico is legalizing all sorts of drugs. They probably want to keep their people stupid. Drugs however, are not legal in California, so I wonder what's causing all this brain damage?

WRBishop said...

The worst part of Mexico legalizing drugs is that we will have even more drug addicts over here needing medical attention which we will end up paying for not to mention an increase in crime and all sorts of other issues.

Bushwack said...

This is typical of the state of mind of the California populous. One of the many reasons I have got to get out of this state.