Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bringing down OPEC...part I

As oil eclipses the $70 a barrel mark, it’s evident that we have a serious problem, and the Arabs have us by the…you know what. We consume 25 million barrels of oil a day, 60% of that is imported from OPEC. The problem is that OPEC controls the price, which is driven by fear and NOT by the free market. When you consider that it costs $1.50 to pump a barrel of oil from a Saudi well, then obviously somebody is doing some major price gauging along the way…and it needs to stop.

Personally, I’m tired of overpaying for oil. Our dollars are funding extremist governments that hate America, and it’s impossible to deny that this money doesn’t end up in the hands terrorist organizations determined to destroy our nation. The Middle East is becoming more of a power and it’s because of only one reason, oil. They have us hostage and loom over us like the execution videos that they so regularly release. We, the American consumer, are on our knees hoping the worst doesn’t happen. Well, I’m tired of it. Action needs to be taken to bring down OPEC, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

No one in leadership seems to have any ideas. That's concerning because the status quo is simply unacceptable. The only viable ideas I've heard have been from Raymond Learsy in his book Over A Barrel. In tomorrow's post I'll detail his ideas, sure to bring OPEC to its knees. Meanwhile, I want to hear from others. I want to know how YOU would deal with our current oil situation. I'm interested to know what some think.


Dan Trabue said...

Well, here's hoping that Learsy's approach to "taking down OPEC" has more to do with decreasing our dependency upon foreign oil and less with taking it from the Arabs by force.

WRBishop said...

In my opinion it is not our leaders responsibility to stop businesses from making the most for their product. Yes I have a problem with oil prices and cannot stand to be funding these companies’ 400 million retirement packages, BUT, they are selling a product that we choose to buy, no one forces you or I or anyone to buy gas or products that run on gas.

We have the technology available to run everything which requires fuel on alcohol/food based fuels but there simply are not enough people willing to give up there gas guzzling autos to force the change. I, for one, think we are over governed and would severely pissed if I was told to drive something other than what I wanted.

You do not have to buy gas. You have the right to go buy a electric, natural gas, ethanol, whatever auto you choose. But you love that SUV and the power and the things you can do with it which you probably could not with the other.

The answer is not to ask our leaders to hold our hands and tell us what we can or cannot drive. The answer is to change the demand from gas driven to other fuel source driven autos. Then, and only then, will we be rid of OPEC.




WRBishop said...

To the contrary Deanberry, I feel that God has blessed our nation. Just because things are not easy does that mean God has left us? Jews are the chosen ones but I feel God has blessed the United States to be the protector of Israel.

Yes we put Saddam in power and we also backed UBL while he fought off the Ruskies in Afghanistan, but then they went fanatical and figured they could take over the world. This sort of thing happens I guess so now we need to go fix it.