Friday, April 28, 2006

Iran getting closer

According to Israeli Intelligence, Iran now has missiles capable of reaching Europe and if Iran developes nuclear weapons these same missiles could be fitted with nuclear warheads. Granted, the Israelis were among the many intelligence services who also said Iraq had WMD’s, so this may be dismissed by many, but it will be interesting to see how the Europeans react.

I wonder if France and Germany will now become more interested in the situation in Iran?

There is no doubt in my mind that Iran has become the most dangerous nation on earth. There is also no doubt that if they acquire WMDs, they WILL use them. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either na├»ve or just plain ignorant. And if you don’t "think" Iran would use their nukes, are you convinced enough to allow them to continue their current progress unimpeded? Are you willing to take that chance? If so, then prove it by doing this one little experiment. Go get a pistol, load it, take the safety off and then pull the hammer back. Then hand it to your nearest 4-year old child. But be sure and tell them that there will be punishment if someone gets shot. Are you comfortable doing that?

Amadinejad is a maniac, in fact he's probably clinically insane. Allowing him to get nukes is out of the question and the UN can't stop him. So the only decision now is when do we go in and how hard do we hit when we do?

I can’t wait to see how Europe responds to those questions.


Troy Garamond said...

Gotta agree the guy is absolutely nuts and quite possibly the most dangerous man in the world. Does the world have the resolve to end this? The UN? Bwaa ha ha ha. Unbelieveable.

Today the UN announced they were cutting food being served to refugees in Darfur by half due to lack of money. This is the same outfit that was in bed with Sadamm in the oil for food scandal.

I have to go wrap my head in duct tape now before it blows.

WRBishop said...

WWIII is on the way. Who ever attacks Iran will ignite the war of all wars.

John The Patriot said...

So be it. Iran CAN NOT be allowed to acquire WMDs, this is non-negotiable. If it takes starting WWIII, then so be it.

WRBishop said...

I agree completely! This Iranian Lunatic is not just building "the bomb" to piss people off; he is building it to bring back some hidden freak boy that disappeared thousands of years ago. Now that is scary!

Dan Trabue said...

You people are just about as scary as that Iranian fella - not quite, but just 'bout.