Friday, April 14, 2006

He just won't go away

It’s no secret that I’m not particularly fond of Bill Clinton. I could type paragraph after paragraph about why, launching into things like his high taxation leading us into a recession, his failure to act in the face of a growing Islamo-fascist threat, his disdain for the military, not to mention his gaping void where most people would store their moral fiber. But I’m not going to use the space. Instead, I think Mr. Clinton does a pretty good job illustrating his shortcomings himself.

For instance, here are a few recent quotes. The first in reference to his extramarital affair where he described himself as “the world’s most famous sinner.” Think about that one for a moment. Let it sink in. I’ll get back to it.

The second is his routine response whenever someone brought up the possibility of military action: “I always asked the same question for eight years: "Can we kill 'em tomorrow? If we can kill 'em tomorrow, then we're not weak, and we might be wise enough to try to find an alternative way.” Think about that for a moment as well.

I don’t know about you, but the first thought that came to mind about the ‘can we kill em tomorrow’ line was: How many times did he ask that question in the ‘90s when Bin Laden was growing bolder and bolder by the day? How many times did he defer decisive action? He seems to be proud of such a policy, but it’s this sort of policy that allows our enemies to strike us first. Yes, we can always kill ‘em tomorrow, but at what cost? And how long do we say such a thing? Technically, we can use this line every single day as a means of avoiding conflict forever. Many on the left would be happy with such a policy. I call it cowardice.

As for his “famous sinner” line, I realize this was mainly a jab at the conservative Christians who were critical of his sexual endeavors. He was basically mocking them for being “uppity”. But, even so, most people are ashamed of doing what he did. Most people don’t boast about adultery. I understand that, for most people, much of the shame comes from the dire consequences that occur as a result of their extramarital affairs, which were absent in Clinton’s case. But nonetheless, adultery is still wrong. This is a basic truth…It’s not good to cheat on your spouse. Even the most ardent Clinton supporter can’t argue with that. So why does he joke about it? Why has he been given a free pass? I think the answer to those questions also explains why our nation is terribly ill from a morality standpoint.

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WRBishop said...

He only received a free pass from Liberals and not even all of them gave him a free pass. The problem is the ones that have an avenue to media outlets let it pass and we are on the receiving end of their message.

Liberalism is a desease of the mind and Clinton plays into that when he speaks. He knows that the more he jokes about what happened the more our youth beleive it is ok and therefore gives him credibility or a stronger legacy.

The sad fact is that Liberals are not the majority but they do control the major media outlets which are broadcast throughout the world. As long as they control these outlets people like Clinton and the like will always pound their chest.

The good news is Clinton will have his day before our maker and I do suspect that he has a spot right next to Hitler if he does not do some serious repenting.