Thursday, April 27, 2006

Boycott Exxon?

Here is a story about Bee County, Texas where a local judge has issued a call for a county-wide boycott of Exxon-Mobil in the wake of one of their executives receiving a multi-million dollar retirement package and suspicion of price-gauging among the major oil companies.

Now, I am 100% in favor of capitalism. If a major oil company wants to give one of their executives a multi-million dollar retirement, so be it. They have that right. But, I, as a consumer also have the right to choose not to buy their product, which is what I choose to do.

Do I agree with boycotts? Sometimes. To me, a boycott is nothing more than a group of people making a similar choice. Will this hurt Exxon-Mobil? I doubt it. In fact, it will likely hurt local gas station owners more than the oil company, but the message is still there nonetheless.

Consumers are getting fed up. Something must be done. In my opinion, OPEC is much more to blame for high oil prices than the major oil companies, but when one of these companies gives an executive such an obscene amount of money in the face of current gas prices, it is somewhat of an insult. I defend their right to do it, but I also criticize the fact that they did it. It’s clear that Exxon-Mobil doesn’t really care that much about their consumers. Therefore, I don’t really care that much about their company.

So the next time I pull off of a highway exit ramp and see an Exxon-Mobil station next to, say, a BP or Texaco, I will choose the latter. That’s what makes capitalism great. You reap what you sow, some folks may say. Here’s to free will!


JasonSpalding said...

Have you ever looked at a map of gas prices in the United Stated based on county? Have you compared it to the results shown on a map showing the winning presidential candidate by county?

John The Patriot said...

No I have not, but please don't tell me that Bush is involved in some conspiracy to raise oil prices on those who didn't vote for him.

WRBishop said...

Yes I believe that he is trying to make a connection...typical. Bush has as much to do with high gas prices as I have to do with high gas prices.

I have not a single issue with Exxon/Mobile giving the former CEO the 400 million. GOOD FOR HIM!! He opperated the most profitable company in history for more than 40 years. He was more than worth it and to be honest we as consumers owe hom for the R&D and Technology his company provided to get us where we are today. 10 mil a year for his service, of which he cannot touch most of it, is just compensation.

Once again... you want to show the Big Bad Capitalists a lesson...RIDE A BIKE OR WALK!!

John The Patriot said...

R&D and Technology? I believe you said yourself that there aren't enough refineries in this country to keep prices down. Did he have something to do with that as well? Texas is sitting on 300 million barrels of crude oil that can't be extracted because of lack of technology, was that his doings? The western US and western Canada contain nearly 1 billion barrels of crude oil trapped within shale stone that the oil companies WON'T extract because it costs about $15 a barrel to do so, and when the Saudis are pumping at $1.50 a barrel it's too risky. Do we "owe" him for that decision as well? I'm all for capitalism, but that does not include collusion, which is exactly what the oil companies are involved in. And for this guy to walk away from 40 years of collusion with $400 million, it IS an insult. Especially when the average America, who CAN'T ride a bike to work is taking it in the pants with $3 a gallon gas that HE helped create. I don't OWE this guy jack, except for a swift kick in the jimmy.

WRBishop said...

I said, "for the R&D and Technology his company provided to get us where we are today," not where we will be tomorrow. Today "BIG GAS" companies receive .25 cents per gollon. That is less of a percentage than most every other company makes in markup of their products. So somewhere there is another $2.75 being ripped from the pockets of consumers. I suggest you find those responsible and bark up that tree.

WRBishop said...

Oh yeah and furthermore... the lack of refineries has not a damn thing to do with Exxon/Mobile or any other "Big Gas" company. You will have to go talk with the Dems and Greenies about why they wont let them build more. "Big Gas" would build so many refineries to pump out the go go juice they would take over our landscape if allowed.