Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I guess Nagin did a good job after all

On Saturday, the citizens of New Orleans had the opportunity to finally allow their voices to be heard. Eight months after Hurricane Katrina, and the disastrous governmental response, at last the people get to speak out. So they turned out at polling places to voice their opinion of the city’s leadership…and the results: Ray Nagin received more votes than any other candidate.
That’s right.

The people of New Orleans are so upset about how their leaders responded to the crisis of Katrina that the incumbent received more votes than any other competitor. This while the reconstruction is stalled, bulldozers sit idly like a New Orleans school bus, dumbtrucks drive around town empty, yet more people vote for Ray Nagin…the man who "led" New Orleans through this crisis than for any other candidate. Does this make sense to anyone?

I’ve been to New Orleans recently, and the most shocking part of the visit was the glaring inactivity. Houses sat in shambles, street lights were non-functional, roads were in disrepair. And how many clean up crews did I see in 4 days? TWO. That’s right. Over 100 billion dollars spent on New Orleans and I see two crews working. They must be really good crews.

In all fairness, Nagin still did not receive a majority vote, no candidate did, but he led all candidates with 38% of the vote and will face the Lt Governor of Louisiana in a May runoff to decide the position. But 38 percent? Are you kidding me? This man shouldn’t have gotten nowhere near that number and should have finished somewhere below the write-in votes for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. That is, IF the people were truly letting Nagin’s performance in office determine their vote, which is obviously not the case. I’m not one to speculate, but I would venture a guess that of those 38%, the vast majority were racially driven…but that’s my opinion.

Are 38 percent of New Orleans’ citizens really that disconnected, out of touch with reality and downright ignorant? Are 38% of the people satisfied with how things are going down there? If so, then I say we call their bluff and cut federal aid to Katrina recovery by 38%. At the very least, I no longer think the people of New Orleans have a right to gripe about the response to the disaster. Or maybe they should reduce their complaints by 38%. After all, this was their chance, their opportunity to show the city’s leader how they felt…and they failed. I think the message that sends is fairly loud. According to the people of New Orleans, Nagin did a pretty good job.

Does anyone out there agree?


Dan Trabue said...

"Are 38 percent of New Orleans’ citizens really that disconnected, out of touch with reality and downright ignorant?"

That's the problem with them darn representational gov'ts - the people have way too much voice. Even the out of touch and ignorant.


John The Patriot said...

I guess that explains how Clinton got elected...twice

TexasFred said...

NOLA is populated by the biggest bunch of IDIOTS that ever lived...

They need another Cat 5 to wash away the remnants of stupidity...

Bushwack said...

Its no wonder Bush's poll numbers are so low. If Nagin gets 38% that makes sense America is under educated and moraless.
Time to move to Israel (And I'm not Jewish)

Dan Trabue said...

Too bad everyone's not as enlightened as y'all, huh?

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dantoe said...

I am so over all the bashing of Ray Nagin. I am a proud New Orleanian, currently living in Atlanta, and I am in a state of utter disgust reading what fellow U.S. citizens have posted here and else where on the web.

Let it be known, I experienced Katrina. For about a month I was in Baton Rouge; I heard all press conferences, I volunteered at shelters, and I am still living this nightmare.

Yes, we all know New Orleans was under sea level, but as a native Louisianian, we always knew we were vulnerable. We tried everything. There is task force after task force for flood protection. I can remember in grade school writing countless letters to congressmen about this very issue, but NOTHING was ever done. It was never seen as a priority until post-Katrina, but now everyone is blaming this on Nagin.

In the days following Katrina, Nagin was saving lives in New Orleans! I've heard countless radio interviews where he was begging for any type of reinforcement, from the minute after Katrina struck. He was begging for busses, trucks, planes, boats....anything to get people out of the toxic water.

As for as an evacuation plan...What the Hell?....Katrina was no where close to New Orleans, and then all of a sudden, she made a sudden turn, and was headed directly to the city! We had less than 24 hours to get the hell out of New Orleans. Are you people ignorant enough to believe it is a simple task to evacuate a city? The ride from New Orleans to Baton Rouge is typically about an hour, on August 28, 2005 it took over 12 hours! Nagin issued a mandatory evacuation the minute he heard word of the storm heading this way. He closed all highways into the city, and everything was on a contraflow out!!!! He did all this in less than 3 hours!!!! His persistancy to get people out has saved many lives!

Obviously NO ONE here has a clue about New Orleans politics. Oh, and I'm sure your thinking...they are corrupt, it's racially tilted, etc. All this you are thinking may have a level of truth, but the citizens on New Orleans made the correct decision in re-electing Nagin. The mayor's opponent was lut. governor Mitch Landrieu, whose father was once mayor of New Orleans, Moon. Moon was a major player in the game of 'dirty politics' in the city. The Landrieu/ Moon family has big roles in Louisiana politics, and this is exactly what the citizens of New Orleans are trying to eliminate.

And as for all of you, who think New Orleanians are 'living' better than ever since Katrina, WAKE UP!!! We lost EVERYTHING you heartless, sorry excuse for a human being. Pictures, family heirlooms, childhood memories.....OUR HOME! To loose your city is horrific, weather it is above or below sea level!

Anyone who comes on the web and posts 'blame' messages on Nagin from Katrina clearly has no clue of the situation. Yes, it was almost a year ago, but this will be a very long process. The reason there is no rebuilding at the moment, is because they are still cleaning! They are removing mold and yes, still removing debris! Do you people have any idea of the scale of Katrina? It will be years from now when rebuilding takes place.....I hope one day I can be so lucky as to have the honor to live there again.

(and for a particular breed of idiots out there,.....I am white! I am so over explaining this too. Also,... who cares about 'chocolate city')