Saturday, November 18, 2006

Who will stop them?

Israel walks out of UN session

The UN, in an emergency session, passed an order demanding that Israel end its military operations in Gaza. The US and Australia voted against this measure. By the way, my respect for Australia keeps growing. They seem to be the only country, along with us, willing to confront evil. But I digress.

There are a few things about this vote that interest me. First, it was approved in the General Assembly by a vote of 156-7. This is pretty amazing. How often does the UN General Assembly ever get that close to unanimous? To me, it confirms a growing anti-Israel sentiment in the UN and in Europe. The Israelis are clearly viewed as the aggressor in their fight for survival, which is a dangerous view for the world to have. Even though Israel has signed numerous peace agreements with the Palestinians, and even though those peave agreements have been repeatedly violated BY the palestinians, it is still Israel who is to blame in most cases for the ongoing conflict. Just look at their recent invasion of Lebanon, and the Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorists. Was Hezbollah condemned by the UN or by Europe? Even though they were deliberately firing rockets into civillian communities? Nope, it was Israel, whose invasion was looked at as impulsive and just plain mean. The Israelis are slowly losing their right to defend themselves and you can bet the radical Islamists have taken notice.

Ahmadinejad is months from having a nuke. He has clearly stated that he intends on "wiping Israel off the map". This is nothing tongue-in-cheek, he has admitted it and seems proud of it. In fact, he believes it to be his destiny. He thinks god has chosen him to trigger the apocolyptic war that brings on the end times. I'm not making this up. That's what this guy believes. He is not deterred by our threats, because if we take action against him then it would fulfill his mission. So he is close to his nuke, the UN repeatedly condemns Israel and their right to defend themselves, the US general population has made it clear what they think about military action in that part of the country. Put these together, and what do you think will happen the moment Ahmadinejad gets the bomb?

Anyone else shifting in their seat uncomfortably?

Hopefully, the UN will shift gears. There will be a new Secretary General in December and let's hope this person has a new vision and is capable of actually seeing good and evil...and sides with the good, but don't hold your breath. The UN has become a body of enablers and appeasers. They have decided that confronting the radicals is less constructive than submitting to them, which is why they're telling Israel to stop things in Gaza, while Iran has nearly achieved nuclear military capability. The radicals have made it clear that their purpose is to dominate the world, and the world is doing nothing to resist. In fact, those who are resisting are now being demonized as war mongers. So who will stop these radicals? Who will keep them from dominating the world?

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Dan Trabue said...

"Who will keep them from dominating the world?"

Those who take reasonable, workable steps to do so. Waging war on entire nations unprovoked will only support them.

No one is opposed to stopping terrorism. We're opposed to policies that only exacerbate the problem.