Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The polls have been open for about 5 hours and already there are problems being reported in multiple states including: Indiana, Colorado, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. Lawyers for the Dems are preparing to file a petition to keep the polls open later in Tennessee, and lawyers on both sides are rallying for post-election lawsuits. Once again, the legal community seems intent on making a mockery out of our Democracy.

For the past 4 elections, no one has been content with the will of the people speaking. Instead, they choose to try and subvert that will through the court system. I am calling on BOTH sides to stand down their legal teams and allow Democracy to work, regardless which party comes on top. On the other side of the world, Iraq is struggling to build their democracy - thousands have given their lives for it - using our own as a model, yet we don't seem to be doing a good job as a role model. Election Tuesday is no longer quite as important as Lawsuit Wednesday, and this patriot is getting a little sick of it all.

Are there problems? Yes. Voting machines may malfunction, lines may be long, and some people may not possess enough cognitive ability to operate their ballot properly. But there has not been any evidence of one party deliberately seeking to disenfranchise any voter, so I think they should BOTH cool it with these circus acts.

Eventually, the people will get tired of it all and we'll kick ALL the politicians out of Washington. They're nothing but a bunch of whiney, spoiled, greedy, egomaniacal do-nothings anyway. It would be nice if I could wake up tomorrow and know who won the election, know who my representative will be. But, somehow, I doubt that's what will happen. With the lawsuits and the dog-and-pony show that BOTH parties seem intent on staging, it will probably be January before we know who will be in control of Congress. Not that it matters, because whichever party wins it will mean nothing but more gridlock for the next 2 years - indeed until a third party, a People's Party, emerges to reclaim our nation and our government from the special interests. Until then, sit back and enjoy the exit polls, court petitions, press conferences and the occasional interview with a "disenfranchised" voter.

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faithness said...

I have not read any of the rest of your post, so all political leanings aside: I AGREE. I am a political consultant in Los Angeles working for a high profile firm: sick of lawyers and disappointed by citizens talking about results but never voting. Thanks for your post.