Monday, November 27, 2006

More bad news for chicken little

2006 – Calmest hurricane season in a decade

I’ve posted on this before, so I’ll be brief. The hurricane season will officially end this week and it is the calmest season in a decade despite doomsday predictions including some that said one in six Americans would be directly affected by a hurricane this year. Apparently, the global warming hysteria that blamed last year’s killer storms on human induced climate change didn’t pan out. I’m sure Al Gore is very disappointed.

What interests me is this: In the spring, many of the world’s leading climatologists all agreed that 2006 would be a year of disasters, mirroring 2005. It seemed a foregone conclusion that America would endure more killer storms and no one really questioned their expertise. But they were wrong. One wonders what would happen if we held them to the same standard as we have with the WMD issue, but that’s another post.

Many of the same experts are the ones who similarly forecast environmental disasters related to human-induced climate change. So, it makes me wonder, if these people can’t predict the earth’s climate 6 months out, then how can they possibly claim to predict the earth’s climate 10, 20 or 30 years from now?

If someone told you that you’d be struck by lightning tomorrow, and it didn’t happen, then would you listen if they said that you’d be struck by lightning 10 years from now? I wouldn’t.
The fact is, there is much we don’t know about the earth’s climate. There is much we don’t understand about the many factors that affect earth’s climate. It’s dangerous to echo a theory based on questionable data and demand major changes in our commercial endeavors that could adversely affect the economy and thus millions of citizens. It’s especially dangerous to do this when we can’t even accurately predict a hurricane season. Remember, no one predicted that 2005 would be as bad as it was. Do human beings cause global warming? The answer is "we don’t know". And until we do know we need to stay away from things like the Kyoto Treaty that could mean loss of jobs and an economic recession.

Show me definable evidence of human-induced climate change, and I’ll be the first to demand harsh restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions. But if that evidence doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t exist and we all need to work on discovering the truth, uncovering the facts and avoiding the chicken little baseless hysteria. I hope Al Gore gets the message.


Anonymous said...

Human induced climate change is undeniable. Even if you do not believe that the climate pattern will change as the result of human activity, do you understand the basic impacts of pollution on the environment? I've been taught that since elementary school, but I don't know about you.

We are not going to war and killing innocent people under the assumption that hurricanes were going to occur. That's not even comparable.

Dan Trabue said...

I don't know what studies you're citing, but the only studies that I've seen have suggested that there's a likelihood for a general increasing trend in disastrous weather patterns such as hurricanes. So, having one mild season is no more a debunking of that sort of study than having one wild season is evidence of human impact upon global climate.

And, as Allisoni points out, there is no denying that humans are negatively impacting our own environment. So, given your statement ("Show me definable evidence of human-induced climate change, and I’ll be the first to demand harsh restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions."), are you also willing to be the first to demand harsh restrictions on pollution in general that causes harm?

John The Patriot said...

Dan, actually there have been harsh restrictions and it has resulted in the cleanest environment since the beginning of the industrial age. It could be cleaner, but the enviro-nazis won't allow more nuclear power. I guess we should all revert back to candlelight and horse drawn buggies, unless of course the animal rights folks object. In that case, why don't we enslave the Christians and make them pull the buggies? I'm sure no one would object to that.

And one quote from a climatologist was that 1 in 6 Americans WOULD be affected by a hurricane this year.

Keep echoing your talking points. For every bit of evidence you produce supporting human-induced climate change, I can cite just as many that dispute that claim. So you can't say that humans cause global warming, you can only say it's possible. The question is, do you want to halt our economy and affect millions of jobs to prevent a theoretical disaster? Maybe you do, but I don't. Therein lies the debate. Discussing whether or not pollution affects the environment is a completely different topic. Yes, it affects the environment, but whether or not it actually CHANGES the entire planetary climate has not been proven. Don't confuse the two.

Dan Trabue said...

"And one quote from a climatologist was that 1 in 6 Americans WOULD be affected by a hurricane this year."

A source?

And if there is one source out there, does that mean it is the mainstream? You're dismissing the notion of human impact upon climate change based on one supposed report that didn't pan out?

John The Patriot said...

Dan, read the post. I did not "dismiss" anything. I simply used this year's hurricane season to make the point that earth's climate is anything BUT predictable and that we simply DON'T KNOW if humans are adversely affecting the climate...geez.

The climatologist I referred to was Joe Bastardi, someone I actually enjoy watching mainly because he seems to be more accurate than most at weather predictions, but no one is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Global warming aside, these climatologists, meteorologists, and local weather hacks MAKE A LIVING at creating weather hysteria among the masses.

John, you remember how the forecasters here in Mississippi act when the temp. approaches the low 30's, don't you? It's 24/7 live reports from Wal-Mart with people buying water and scalping generators!

Now, here on the gulf coast (post-Katrina), people act like it's the end of the world anytime water falls from the sky. Schools close and people shut themselves inside their homes.

Blame who you want, I blame the forecasters for creating the hysteria which, in turn, creates more viewers for their shows and more hits for their websites. --Deano