Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Aussie's buyback gun control plan

Australia fails in its attempt at gun control

In 1996, after the Port Arthur shooting that claimed 35 lives, the government of Australia began a $500 million gun buyback campaign. In short, the citizens of Australia could "sell" their guns to the government. In return, they get guns off the street and crime rates fall.

Like many liberal-progressive ideas, it sounds great in theory, but the reality is much different. A recent study of crime statistics in Australia over the past decade shows that even though the government is spending lots of money buying guns from its citizens, crime rates have remained unchanged. Apparently, the only people selling their guns are the law-abiding citizens, something I'm sure Australia's criminals are really loving.

I guess the Australian government miscalculated when they thought all the criminals in that country would give up their crime careers and make a few bucks on their guns and then maybe get a job at Wendy's. Now, I like Australia, they've shown a lot of guts in the war on terror, but it's clear they have their own liberal-progressive problem as we do.

Criminals, by definition, don't obey the law, so it doesn't do any good to pass laws that depend on the compliance of criminals for effectiveness. This statement sounds like common sense, but it's amazing how many liberal ideas are lacking in this. Criminals aren't interested in a lawful society, just like terrorists aren't interested in a peaceful planet. We're negotiating with the wrong carrot and the wrong stick.

I doubt these statistics will change any minds. Somehow, I think the Left will still blame guns for crime and we'll probably try something like this in our country.

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John said...

Like the goofy old saying goes "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns". And sometimes, this also includes the police themselves.


This morning's news states that someplace in America, a drug bust team kicked in a home's door and shot a 90+ year old woman to death. The cops had the right address they say, but now an innocent old woman is dead.

A relative was quoted as saying that she's going to "sue like hell", and I hope she wins too. The point is that guns don't kill anyone, it's the fruitcake holding the gun that does the killing. Liberalism tends to take gun control and twist it like a pretzel.

But then don't all liberals use pretzel logic anyway?