Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wednesday comments

Poll shows majority feel that government is too big

The majority of Americans feel the government is too big. This is not good news for Democrats, because even the least politically proficient person knows that if the Democrats win back Congress they will make the government bigger.

I think this is an important poll. Most Americans believe in what the Constitution says, and the Constitution does not advocate a large and powerful federal government. The only thing the Constitution demands the government provide for its citizens is military defense. There is no mention of health care, unemployment, welfare, retirement, Medicaid or prescription drugs. Somehow, I think the Founding Fathers would have wanted the individual states to decide whether or not the government should have a roll in the citizens’ social lives. It seems the majority of Americans agree.

So I recommend the Democrats actually read the Constitution. It may help them in the future the next time they start pushing for higher taxes and more government control in our lives.

Hillary calls for "internationalist" foreign policy

I have to include this. Hillary Clinton has set forth her vision for foreign policy. We must involve other nations in diplomacy, but we must also engage in bilateral talks. By her reasoning, we didn’t go through WWII or the Cold War alone, and so we shouldn’t go through the war on terror alone. Okay, sounds reasonable, but then she advocated for talking to Cuba and North Korea…alone. And what she didn’t address is the question of what we should do when other countries aren’t interested in cooperating with us. Should we just drop the issue? Or go it alone?
Despite what she and others think, aside from Vietnam (a war started by Democrats, by the way) I don’t recall of any major military campaign in which America has taken unilateral action. So what she says is nothing new.

But I don’t understand the contradiction. Should we engage in multilateral or bilateral diplomacy? She says both. So does anyone know what Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy will be if she actually wins the White House in ’08?


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you take this poll, showing how much people dislike the way things are currently going under Republican control, and make it somehow about Democrats. The biggest example of the government interfering with personal lives is the PRESIDENT'S proposed amendment to ban gay marriage...which so happens to be based on his religious views. And Democrat's are the problem? I think not.

Anonymous said...

"the government is too big"

I agree with this statement. But I also believe that both parties are equally at fault. After all, who was it that created an entirely new department (Homeland Security)when the EXACT SAME responsiblities were already being handled by the FBI, CIA, U.S. Customs, ATF, and U.S. Border Patrol?

Can you say "department of redundancy department"?

And as for "more government control in our lives", the Patriot Act controls and knows everything short of how we brush our teeth and comb our hair. Doesn't that fall under the same category of "govt. control"?

Anonymous said...


I propose making the first cut in our size of government be eliminating the office of the Federal Public Defender!


P.S. Not really that was just to good to pass up.

John The Patriot said...

Allison, regardless of how you feel about Bush's religion, there is no evidence that he is trying to impose it on others. The FACTS are that gay marriage has been defeated every single time it has been brought to the people as a ballot initiatice...even on the Left Coast. Banning gay marriage is something the majority of American citizens support.

Dean, you are parroting the Left talking points about the Patriot Act. What you can't do is provide one single example of an American citizen's civil rights being violated by the Patriot Act. Why? Because it hasn't happened. It's been in effect for how many years now? And no one's rights have been violated? Yet it has helped our law enforcement agencies stop attacks...that IS a fact. Why would you still speak against this piece of legislation?

Anonymous said...

Is it right for legislation to be written and approved because of religious reasons? No. End of story. It doesn't matter who approves or dissaproves, it shouldn't come to the table in the first place.

John The Patriot said...

Allison, once again you are drawing conclusions without any evidence to back it up. Are you prepared to state that everyone who votes against gay marriage does so because of religion?

This IS a democracy, and if the citizens vote on something, regardless of motivation or reason, then the majority should rule. Are you saying you have a problem with that? Are you saying we should impose something on the people because they're not voting properly or are casting their vote for the wrong reason?

Anonymous said...

Ok, John, with the new amendment to Sec. 215 of the Patriot Act, I will admit that it's not as bad as the original.

p.s. So what's your take on the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security? --Deano

Dan Trabue said...

"This is not good news for Democrats, because even the least politically proficient person knows that if the Democrats win back Congress they will make the government bigger."

Okay, let's look at this another way: Of the last four administrations, under which has the size of the gov't grown and under which has it shrunk? Would I be cheating to point out that gov't GREW under Reagan/Bush/Bush and shrunk under Clinton?

The notion of small gov't Republicans is a myth.

Anonymous said...

Please give ME evidence as to why, other than "because the bible says so," it is constitutional to ban gay marriage. I have yet to hear any other reason.

John said...

Just like Global Warming, there is simply no such thing as "gay" marriage. If these "gay" people want to let they're illness and it's illusions run they're entire life, fine. Get "married". But they can never escape the ultimate truth that marriage, REAL marriage, can ONLY be between a man and a woman. Anything else is nothing more than living a lie from day to day. Disgusting...

As far as big government... The Dems and Big Government always fit together like hand and glove. One doesn't seem to be able to exist without the other. A "symbiotic" relationship? If you love ever-bigger government and having your taxes endlessly raised - by all means vote for the Democrat of your choice.

If you love being dictated to and having every detail of your life dictated to for you, and controlled from cradle to grave, by all means vote for the Democrat of your choice. If you WANT America to lose the Iraq war, then once again.... Vote for the cut-and-run chicken crap Democrat of your choice. Real Americans fight for what's right. They don't run when the crap hit's the fan. Others just tuck they're tail between they're legs and run home.

John The Patriot said...

Dean, I hate the DHS. To me, the smaller the gov't the better and creating a massive department does nothing but increase red tape and bureaucracy. It's time to undo this.

Allison, the constitutionality rests in the fact that the people vote on the issue. That's what makes it democratic. You can't possible suggest that it's OK to subvert the will of the people because you don't agree with them

Dan, I did not say the GOP weren't big spenders, I think they all are ridiculously irresponsible with the peoples' money. I simply said the Dems are worse, mainly because they advocate big taxes to pay for their entitlement programs, that's socialism and has no role in this country

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the constitutional reason that it was PROPOSED, not for the reason that people will vote for it. I have yet to see the evidence.

John, you are the disgusting one. And you obviously understand nothing about the world and the fact that people can't help whom they love. Homosexuality is not an illness, unless you think that heterosexuality is, as well. Why would anyone choose to be hated and discriminated against? Even if you disagree with the homosexual lifestyle you need to realize that calling their lives "lies" will not make the world a better place. I am so fortunate to be growing up in a generation that is NOT full of bigots. I live and learn with homosexuals every single day and they deserve to be treated just like any other human being. They are good, normal people, who are just looking to protect the relationships with their loved ones. If you still fail to see that, that is your loss.

Anonymous said...


I don't agree with homosexual being granted marriage rights or privileges. My belief is based on Biblical principles that a marriage is a union between a man and a woman. However, homosexual marriage, in the long run, doesn't affect me because I am a happily married heterosexual.

If I were given the choice to vote on this issue, I would vote no to it. Doing so, does not make me a hate mongering, bigot. It simply means that I don't agree with it and I am willing to make that stand. Likewise, your decision to vote for the issue doesn't mean that you are the intellectually enlightened one, it means that you have your reasons for supporting the issue.

This next statement is not meant to classify you as a liberal, because that would be an ignorant assumption to classify you based one one position of an argument. As a conservative person, I am sick and tired of being portrayed as a close-minded racist. Please realize that we (conservatives) are only voting our conscience just as you are. It is amazing to me that liberals, as a whole, preach that everyone should be open-minded and accepting of other thoughts until the particular school of though disagrees with theirs. Then those that disagree are classified as ignorant, close-minded, backwards, etc. Some things are right some things are wrong, you have your opinions I have mine. I won't tell you how to think so please don't me.