Monday, November 20, 2006

Rangel wants a draft...again

Rangel will call for draft

In his second monstrously stupid move since the election, Rep. Charles Rangel will be introducing a bill that will reinstate the draft, saying that current troop levels in Iraq are not high enough. Our military leaders disagree. But that doesn’t matter to Charles Rangel. HE feels the troop levels aren’t high enough and so he wants to draft you, your kid or someone else you love into service to correct that.

For 3 years the Dems have been screaming quagmire every time Iraq is mentioned. Now, the one thing that could actually transform the war into a quagmire will be introduced by one of their congressional leaders (a measure he introduced and voted AGAINST in 2003). I wonder if the American people are rethinking their vote yet?

They rationalize such legislation by saying "this way, the rich kids will be at risk as much as the poor". Legislating should not be done in such a passive-aggressive nitpicky manner. And besides, service is voluntary, which doesn’t put anyone at risk against their will, hence the term voluntary. I’m personally a little sick and tired of these ignorant Democrats looking down at us in the military as though we’re victims in need of pity. My advice to Charles Rangel would be to stay out of the military’s way. Victory will be achieved unless you morons in Washington step in and screw it up.

Yes, the situation in Iraq is difficult, but flooding that area with inexperienced draftees will not help, so says the troops on the ground and the commanders who lead them. Today’s Private becomes tomorrow’s Sergeant, in charge of a group of people there against their will and bitter because of it. When will Charles Rangel and his lot learn to listen to those who know what they’re talking about? But, no, he has votes to think about and an image to protect. He must protect the "little man", and he thinks a draft does this. He wants us out of Iraq now, but he doesn’t have the sack to demand unconditional withdrawal, and he knows that a draft will make an already unpopular war even more unpopular – giving the Dems a chance to step in and "save the day" by getting our troops out some time in future….but certainly not before the ’08 election.

It’s all about politics. Don’t ever forget that. And now, you may be inducted into military service. Why? Think about it.


Anonymous said...

The rationalization given in the article I read about this was that if the draft was re-instated, politicians would be less likely to favor war, as their children could then possibly be the ones fighting it. I don't agree with the proposal, but that's a big difference between what the article you cited says and the one I read.

John said...

The extremely intelligent Americans who voted to put these freaks back into the United States Congress on November seventh will get exactly what they voted for. More Democratic BS.

Liberalism is a plague in the United States. What a stupid vote, people...

Let's put Rangel on the front lines shall we? Then perhaps he will reconsider his dream of forced service and the killing of American youth, and the destruction of more American families in what some call "Iraq-nam".

John The Patriot said...

Allison, regardless of the intent it's still a bad idea. Where did we get the notion that good intentions equal good plans? The military says, top-to-bottom, that a draft is a bad idea. Shouldn't that be enough? Or are you suggesting that Charles Rangel knows better than General Abizaid?