Friday, November 17, 2006


Alright, I figure I’ve had enough time to collect the information needed to now comment on the latest OJ controversy. My first question is: When will this guy go away? For those who don’t know, OJ’s latest endeavor is to tell a story in book and movie format about how he "would have" killed his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman, IF he were actually the one who did it. Of course, this is strictly hypothetical and apparently OJ’s criminology expertise has a lot to offer this seemingly "unsolved" mystery.

The publisher has already gone on record with an open-palmed shoulder-shrug statement that she looked at this as a "confession" from OJ and that she didn’t actually pay HIM the $3 million he supposedly received for his expert opinion. Instead, the publisher contests, she thought the money would be going to his 2 children. Take that explanation for what it’s worth. And soon Fox will be airing a television special that details his elaborate hypothetical plot.

Mark Fuhrman stated on Fox News that Simpson is insane. He may not be too far from the truth. But I think shameless and sociopathic may be better terms of description. Suppose he didn’t actually murder those two people. What he is now doing is rehashing the most traumatic experience his two children have ever endured, and profiting from it. He is making a lot of money on the brutal murder of the mother of his children.

Suppose he did murder them. Well, in that case, he is profiting from a murder that he committed while defiantly mocking our justice system. Either way, this is not okay. Remember, even though he was acquitted on criminal charges, a civil court did find that he was responsible for the deaths of these people, and now he stands to make money off of those murders. Are we as a culture, as a society, prepared to allow this?

Hopefully not, but that will ultimately depend on the consumer. Of course, I will not buy this book. To me it’s filth and the only ones who should actually read this garbage are the 12 jurors who acquitted him on those criminal charges. But the TV special is different. I do plan to watch for one reason…to make notes about which corporations and businesses advertise during the show. I will keep a list of those who advertise and will publish that list on this blog site. I will not buy products from any of these companies. You can do with it whatever you want. The idea is to hold people accountable for supporting the kind of garbage that does nothing but erode the moral fiber of our nation. An individual should never be allowed to profit from a murder that he was deemed responsible for…period.


Anonymous said...

"...while defiantly mocking our justice system."

How's that? I say that case is a great example of how the justice system WORKS. The consensus was that O.J. did it (of which I agree). However, the jury looked at the case and found that the government did not overcome the burden of proof. Don't blame the jurors, they did their job. If anyone mocked the system it was the cops for tainting the evidence.--Deano

John The Patriot said...

So you think he did it, but you think the justice system worked by acquitting him?

I can't argue with that logic

Anonymous said...

Yes, innocent until PROVEN guilty. Not the other way around. Yes, I believe he's guilty, but since the government didn't PROVE him to be guilty (i.e. tainted evidence, witnesses who lacked credibility) the only verdict that could be reached was not guilty. --Deano