Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Only time will tell

America has decided. As expected, the Democrats have regained the House and likely the Senate. Obviously, the unpopular war in Iraq was the driving reason for this, especially in states like Rhode Island, Indiana, Virginia and Montana. Many of the candidates who faced each other held similar views on just about every issue except the war, and if you had an "R" next to your name then you were behind the eight ball from the beginning.

It’s good to see that the Democratic party learned a few things from the past elections and this showed in their selection of more moderate candidates. America has rejected the liberal extremists in the past and would have likely done so again. So the new Democrat Congress won’t be much different than what we already had, except they’ll be fresh faces. The question is: Who will run things on Capitol Hill?

My concern is that even though this is a predominantly moderate Congress, the Democrat leadership is still made up of the extreme Liberals. People like Nancy Pelosi, the Representative from San Francisco; Charles Rangel, one of the leading income redistribution advocates; Ted Kennedy, Mr. "quagmire" cut-and-run; Robert Byrd, ex-KKK leader; Dick Durbin, John Kerry and Howard Dean. These are the extremists. These are the ones who pose a threat to America’s way of life. To what extent will they be able to bully the moderate rookies into their bidding? It’s a fair question and one that will soon be answered the moment the new Congress takes power. If they have their way with the fresh faces then America may get more than they bargained for.

We voted for a moderate Congress, but I don’t think we voted to have Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, or Charles Rangel as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. The term "unintended consequences" immediately comes to mind.

The Bush Administration has expressed their willingness to work with the moderates, and Rumsfeld’s decision to step down is a good-faith gesture of that willingness. It’s a peace-offering, an attempt to start on the right foot. I feel the moderates will accept this peace-offering and will be willing to their part as well to meet Bush in the middle. But what will the extremists in the leadership do? I think they’re out for blood. Hopefully, we won’t hear about investigations or subpoenas. Hopefully, we won’t hear more calls for resignations. Hopefully, there won’t be strong-arm tactics meant to push the White House around. These sorts of things aren’t good for solving our problems and, I have a feeling, it’s not what America voted for yesterday. So who will call the shots? The Moderates or the Extremists? America has given the Democratic party another chance. What will they do with it?

Only time will tell.


John said...

What will they do with it indeed... Go for blood I'm afraid. These liberals are really angry at Mr. Bush and have acted like rabid dogs ever since he took office.

Now, they may have a chance to sink they're K-9's into a few Republicans.

I expect to see all manner of investigations and political poop-tossing very soon. It's too bad that these political types in Washington can't act like adults...

pdaddy said...

Here is what I think will happen - NOTHING. It's been like this for years. It's constantly two parties who spend too much time trying to slander one another, rather than actually working together to do something good for our country. Until major changes are made, nothing will ever happen.

It's time for America to stand up and demand a third party. Also, House and Senate terms should be cut to a max of 4 years. Most of these morons continue to get elected over and over and continue to do nothing.

Putting more democrats in the House and Senate will change nothing. Six to eight years from now people will be tired of the democrats and put republicans back in the majority, and nothing will change. It's a neverending cycle of nothing being done. The same old tired faces promising us everything, but yet they never come through.

I'm a republican. I did something different this election. I used my to vote against every incumbent, because I want to see a change. Unfortunately it didn't work, but I will continue to do it until I see something better.

Dan Trabue said...

"I expect to see all manner of investigations and political poop-tossing very soon."

As one who has been unrepresented a long time (and probably will still be unrepresented by these Dems - I'm more of a Green guy), it would be nice if my voice were heard and some investigations were held.

Is that the will of the people? I'm not omniscient enough to know. Clearly though, the Voters have raised their voice against this war and its authors.

Some actual representation to go along with my taxation for a change would be nice.

John The Patriot said...

John, I'm afraid you're right. The next two years will probably be politics at its worst.

Patrick, I agree with a third party, but unfortunately the other two parties have all the money, however out of touch they may be with reality. What needs to happen is for a national leader to emerge as a third party candidate..and not some nut like Perot or Ventura or Kinky Friedman. It needs to be someone who can actually connect with the MAJORITY of Americans intent on revamping Washington completely. I don't have anyone in particular in mind, but hopefully we'll see someone emerge soon.

Dan, you have had two Senators and one Representative like everyone else. I'm not whining about being "unrepresented" just because it's a democrat congress and I don't think you should whine about the same with the previous congress...with all due respect.