Monday, November 13, 2006

Is Bin Laden smiling yet?

Congress to call for troop "redeployment"

This is no surprise. It’s incredible to think what Osama Bin Laden and his band of evil doers has been able to accomplish since 9-11. Al Qaeda has effectively neutralized the UN, shown in that organization’s failure to do anything about anything; toppled the government of Spain; changed the balance of power in Congress, no doubt a result of their terror efforts in Iraq during October; brought down Donald Rumsfeld; and now it looks like he may achieve his goal of having the US pull out of Iraq.

It appears that Congress is going to do what our military fears – leave without completing the job. Military leaders have said that Iraq can be stabilized, that a democratic government can be kept in place, that the resistance can be stopped, but Congress doesn’t care. They think they were elected to get us out of Iraq, and that’s what they want to do. After all, they have to have something to run on in ’08.

A troop withdrawal at this time, with objectives unmet, amounts to nothing more than a Vietnam-esque defeat; and it confirms what our terrorist enemies suspect – that America is a glass-jawed paper tiger that will not take the proper course of action to defeat them. So will this lead to peace? Or more terrorist attacks?

We may get out of Iraq, but it will do nothing but embolden our enemies to move their operations from Baghdad to the US mainland. In short, we will be attacked again, and again, and again – mainly because those who want to attack us don’t think we’ll do anything about it other than seek a "common ground" or a "peaceful solution" with a group of people who don’t want peace or common grounds. No wonder terrorist leaders were celebrating the outcome of America’s midterm election. They know who needs to be in power in America for them to achieve victory.

My guess is, they will lay low for 2 years. They will let America get out of Iraq. Of course, they will take over that country, bring down the democratic government and transform it into an Iranian style theocratic dictatorship; but they will hold off on attacking America until after the ’08 election. After all, they don’t want to give American voters a reason to elect a hawkish President. So it looks good for the Dems in ’08. They will have 2 years to gloat about "getting out of Iraq" and will probably put one of their doves in the White House. And then?
My book When Evil Prospers tells the rest. It’s my prediction about our future, and I hope I’m wrong.


John said...

I say your spot-on John. Couldn't agree more. I've been trying to tell people around my little town here that this is just what's going to happen, yet they can't seem to understand it.

They also fail to realize that these middle east scum bags don't want peace, they want no less than to murder you and your children for supposedly being "infidels" because we don't follow they're crooked, violent religion...

People in this country are sleep walking in that they don't realize what's happening, and/or they just can't make themselves believe that it ever could happen here on American soil. Time to wake the heck up, Americans!

I've tried to get this across as best I could on my site the other day, and ended up being flamed for it. I'm not a professional writer, and do the best I can on my posts... These admitted Socialists just won't believe anything but they're own bologna.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that we would not be attacked no matter WHO was in power? It seems quite obvious that the violence has not decreased and shows no sign of doing so. There will always be terrorists. A decent amount of them will always hate us. There is not a thing we can do about that.

John The Patriot said...

Allison, you are absolutely right when you say that there will always be terrorists. The question do we confront them? Some say withdraw into "fortress America" and follow an isolationist policy, stick our heads in the sand and hope the terrorists don't get us...OR...we could choose to confront them on THEIR soil and not OURS, take democracy and freedom to their people and wait for the masses to condemn and reject the unacceptable behavior of the extremists. Bush feels the latter is the best, the Dems feel the former is the best. What do you think?

John, those in denial will always torch those who point out obvious realities. Keep up the fight and thanks for the comments