Monday, June 19, 2006

Where's the racism?

Here is an excellent column about the black caucus and their recent disappointing behavior in regards to Congressman William Jefferson.

The black caucus has resorted to claiming racism as a root cause for Congressman Jefferson's recent run-in with the law and potential indictment for bribery. Racism?

They are absolutely right. What kind of country do we live in when a black man can't commit bribery without coming under the scrutiny of the FBI. We should all be ashamed.

Now, to North Carolina Supreme Court candidate Rachel Lea Hunter, a democrat, who had this to say about Vernon Robinson, a Republican congressional candidate.

"Like a good slave, he has returned to the plantation."

I'm not one to throw out accusations of racism and bigotry loosely, but doesn't this qualify. In fairness to the Dems, they aren't too happy with Ms Hunter, but where is the black caucus? If they rally to anyone's side shouldn't it be Mr. Robinson after someone calls him a slave?

Word of advice to the black caucus, if you quit crying racism about Congressman Jefferson and start defending Mr Robinson it will do wonders for your credibility. At least, from my perspective.


Dan Trabue said...

I've not followed the case too closely, but it does seem pretty clear-cut (unless he was framed or something movieland-ish). On the other hand, he has not been charged with anything and we are a country that believes in innocent until proven guilty.

In Delay's case (and too many others recently), I wasn't for him stepping down until the indictment was actually brought. Will you be correspondingly fair towards Jefferson?

John The Patriot said...

I disagree. I think Delay was right in stepping down. Just like Nixon and Trent Lott were right in stepping.

Just like Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton and Congressman Jefferson were wrong in NOT stepping down.

Our political leaders must be held to a higher standard of behavior. They have many lives and many millions of dollars in their hands, and the mere appearance of impropriety can't be tolerated.

Dan Trabue said...

Then will you join me in calling for Bush to step down for the appearance of waging war on mistaken grounds/misleading reasons (WMD)?