Friday, June 09, 2006

Good Deeds

So the UN feels that Middle America is kept in the dark about their "good deeds". Well, maybe they’re right. So, to honor the UN, here is a rundown of their good deeds:

800,000 people slaughtered in Rhuwanda over 100 days, the UN did nothing to stop it
The UN supports a global ban on sidearms
The UN embraces China, despite their shameful human rights record
The UN calls for global population control, similar to measures that China has in place
The UN attempted to prosecute Britain for using bunker busting bombs
The UN calls for protecting the rights of children by preventing parent interference in their lives
Refuses to acknowledge Taiwan as an independent state
Has failed to stop OPEC in its artificial manipulation of the world oil market
Refused to enforce its disarm orders on Saddam Hussein
Has failed to prevent Iran from seeking WMDs
Failed to prevent Somali warlords from dominating that country

Did I miss anything? Feel free to add to this list of accomplishments. I’m not criticizing, I just feel Middle America should know the truth. After all, we don’t want anyone having false notions about them, right?

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