Thursday, June 22, 2006

A leader we should be proud of

I lived in the Jackson, MS area for about 8 years. Back then, it had one of the worst per capita crime rates in the nation and still does today. Even though the population is roughly 400,000, it is still a dangerous place to live.

Enter Frank Melton. He is an entrepreneur who has dabbled in journalism and dedicated much of his time and money to community matters. He cares deeply for the citizens of Jackson, MS and abhors the wrong-doers who make life miserable for those citizens. He is a take-no-BS-straight-shooter, and he is NOT a politician. He is simply a man dedicated to his community who happened to win a Mayoral election.

So, in response to the city’s out of control crime, he has reverted to drastic measures, imposing a strict curfew and even threatened to call in the Mississippi National Guard to put down the criminals. Good for him! If only more community leaders had the guts to do things like this.
Melton will come under heat for it. He’ll be cursed and criticized. Luckily, he’s a black man or he’d be called a racist. He’ll go through some tough times, especially when they start arresting people’s kids for violating the curfew, but he will drop the city’s crime rate. He will achieve his objective and I tip my hat to him.

Mayors and Governors nationwide could learn a lesson from Frank Melton. In fact, I’d love to see him seek a higher office. God knows we need people like him. But he won’t. He’s dedicated to the people of Jackson, Mississippi, and the city will be better off for it.


Anonymous said...


You and I will strongly disagree on this issue. Melton is an alleged pediophile and also thought to be heavily involved in the drug trade in this area.

Although, he is taking radical methods to fight our crime problem, which I applaud. I don't think that he can be trusted. A judge is Lauderdale County is currently deciding on what to do with him because Melton dropped himself into a purgery trap by lying while under oath in a trial involving bogus charges Melton trumped up against a political adversary from his days at the Bureau of Narcotics. There are also several other instances lately where he has blatenly lied about simple things and that could easily be verified by local media.

He has a Napoleon complex and thinks that he is above the law. He wants everyone in the city to follow his laws. He is currently under investigation by the State A.G. (who is of the same political party) for violating several laws as he goes out with Police units on street sweeps. He goes with JPD, carrying a side arm (he only got a license to do so after catching politcal heat for his lack of licensing), dresses as a police officer while wearing a badge (he is not a certified law enforcement officer) and has hired a patsy for a Police Chief that will cow-tow to him.

The Hinds County D.A. and Melton are currently in an ugly public feud because both are declaring the other incompetent. Although both are probably a little bit correct, both have caused problems for the other when it comes to prosecuting the criminals that both are trying to get off of the street.

Although, Melton in part seems radical because the previous administrations ineptness and lack of activity, the train wreck is going to be bad when it comes off of the tracks. He recently stopped 4 school buses on the Interstate 220 because he was having a bad day and wanted to hug the kids to feel better.

If this guys survives all four years it will be a miracle.

John The Patriot said...


Your comments prove that often there is more under the surface than can be seen. I will keep an eye on this. Thanks for the insight!

At any rate, I still applaud Melton's action against crime. But, I will tone down my enthusiasm until these other matters come to the surface

Anonymous said...

"I still applaud Melton's action against crime."

Careful, John, violent crime in Jacktown has GONE UP since Melton took office.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the latest on Frank Melton? If so what do you say today?