Thursday, June 29, 2006


Like everyone else I am watching events in the Middle East unfold with concern. I do not want war to break out, or escalate, between Israel and the Palestinians. I don’t think anyone could say otherwise.

But as I watch these events unfold, a realization comes over me. Israel has something that America once had, and has lost somewhere along the way. Israel is not afraid. America is.
War is something that should be avoided, but not feared. I say this because fear can cloud your judgment. Fear can take away your resolve. Fear can impede your determination. Today, many Americans fear war. THAT is why they are handcuffing our troops, cursing our military, speaking out against Bush. Much of it is simply from fear.

Fear of what, I don’t know. Maybe they are afraid of the world hating America. Maybe they don’t want us to get a bad reputation. Maybe they don’t want to be called upon to defend their country. Who knows, but there is no doubt in my mind that the actions of the anti-war crowd are driven by fear.

Israel does not have that. They are not afraid of war. They take actions to avoid it. They offer diplomatic solutions. But they are not afraid, and the world knows it. They are not afraid to push the world to the brink.

Neither was Reagan.
Neither was Roosevelt.
Neither was Kennedy.

Avoid it. But do not fear it. Our enemies will smell our fear and thrust upon us that which we fear.

Roosevelt once said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

Perhaps today that is more true than ever before.


TexasFred said...

War is the reason we have warriors...

I was a warrior and i lived to say this: Israel needs to wipe the Palestinians from the face of the earth, it's the only way they'll have a shred of peace, much as we MUST wipe radical Islam out...

It won't be easy, it won't be 'clean', we WILL get bloody but if we EVER expect to have peace we must destroy our enemies in such a vile and painful manner that anyone else that even remotely thinks of taking the USA on will think again as they refer to us as 'Those Mean and Bloody Bastards"...

Like THAT will ever happen... The price we pay for civilized PCness...

We're breeding a generation of WIMPS...

John The Patriot said...

Absolutely right, Fred. There is no such thing as a 'pretty war'.

Debbie said...

Part of the problem here in the US is that a portion of the population hates Bush/Conservatives more than they hate the terrorists (who are Muslims).

Israel has been asked to 'have restrait' for too long by the US and others. They don't need to have restraint. Fred is correct. They need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

The Palestinians voted Hamas in, they made their bed and now they have to lie in it. Hamas says the people are starving, yet they have money for tons and tons of ammunition, missiles, research for WMD no less. They are in the situation they are in because of no one but themselves.

Sometimes just asking the donkey to move won't do the trick, sometimes you have to knock him up side of the head, and sometimes when he won't move you have to SHOOT him. Israel is at the point of shooting because all else has failed.

I say 'go for it'.

Debbie said...

I don't know if you saw this or not. It was on The Religion of Peace website.

I couldn't figure out exactly WHO put the article up or where their main website was. But Glenn Reinsford at TROP thought it worthy of a read.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of for "handcuffing our troops", I thought it wasn't out of fear but because of the murders of unarmed innocent civilians that the troops were being handcuffed.

And as for "speaking out against Bush", the Supreme Court did a pretty good job of that on Thursday stating that Bush broke the U.S. law and Geneva Conventions by holding illegal military tribunals.

It's not fear, it's the law.--Deano

John The Patriot said...


I'm assuming you have proof of American soldiers committing murder. Because, as I understood it, they were yet to be tried. And, I as understood, there is a concept of innocent until PROVEN guilty in America. So either you're prepared to offer your proof that American soldiers have committed murder, or you are NOT willing to assume 'innocent until proven guilty' for America's troops, or you're prepared to retract that last statement, or you're prepared to look like an ass in front of those reading this site. Which is it?

Dan Trabue said...

He didn't say they murdered anyone, he said, "because of the murders of unarmed innocent civilians that the troops were being handcuffed."

And that IS why they were handcuffed, because the killings DID happen and they were charged with murder.

And the "anti-war crowd is driven by fear"?!

We're the ones unafraid of facing the real threats of terrorism without resulting to embracing the evils of terrorism. No, if any group is driven by fear, it is the Red Alert, get-your-duct-tape, mushroom-cloud-over-New-York crowd that is in power currently and those who listen to their fear-mongering.

John The Patriot said...

You're right Dan. Dean's words are so very supportive of the troops and just bubbling with the presumption of innonence. How could I possibly have misinterpreted them?

C'mon guys, we're not going down that road. I know what he was saying, you know what he was saying, and Deano knows what he was saying. Don't try to lawyer him out of it with a technicality.

I hope you don't truly believe his remark was completely innocent. Please tell me you don't. Because, if you do, then it says a lot about why the Left doesn't get it when it comes to fighting this war. You guys are one step from "Technically, the ones who attacked us on 9/11 died in the attack, so why is war even necessary?"

This debate is difficult enough without someone playing the 'technically' card.

As for the post, Danny, you guys are afraid. You can portray it as bravery or heroics, as taking the 'high road', being the 'better man', refusing to embrace evil (an interesting way to say anti-war), whatever. But boil it down and the Left is afraid of war. The Right is not. That's why the Left can't bring it upon themselves to wage war (I can't remember ANY Left-wing leader who actually endorsed the concept that war is necessary).

Anonymous said...

Ok, let me try speaking for myself a little (thanks for the help, Dan). I apologize, John, for any confusion in my post. Actually, I DID intend for my words to define why they were HANDCUFFED. Trust me, in my line of work, I'm well aware of the "innocent until proven guilty" theorem. However, I watch time and time again as jury after jury convicts our clients before the opening statements are given.

As for the troops, I DO hope that the soldiers are cleared of any wrongdoing. I DO hope that the soldiers didn't plant weapons on the bodies after they were killed. I also hope ALL the soldiers are cleared of the other 5 ongoing investigations including the rape and burning of an Iraqi woman:

However, if any of the soldiers are tried and found guilty of murder, rape, or any other wrongdoing, they should be held responsible. --Deano

John, now that i've explained myself, does that keep me from "looking like an ass"?

John The Patriot said...

That's fine, Dean. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, although I still think you were bailed out on a technicality.

We'll see what happens. Personally, I think Haditha was carried out by Al Qaeda. It has Zharqawi written all over it. He knows he's winning the propaganda war, mainly because of people like you, and it only takes a few of these killings to fuel your fire.

What a sad, sad shame

gravelrash said...

What are America's troop numbers in Iraq?
How many troopers are being accused of murder?
In the stress of war, it always happens. History has a way of informing us of the realities of war, even if long after the fact.
Fact is...war is stressful for the combatants!! (It worries me that there are people for whom this might be a revelation!)
That there is an infinitisimal percentage of Americas troop body accused of cracking under that pressure speaks MORE for the restraint and good soldiering of your troops than it does about them being "barbaric". Get a reality check. Your American left (and especially the New York Times/LA Times) have been trying to deliver the next "My Lai Massacre" for two years now. Think yourself lucky the behaviour of your troops has thwarted them thus far. My (very limited) experience of the America military man is that he is one of ramrod strength and singular commitment to the job. Kinda admirable from where I sit.

The thread is about Israels stomach for the fight. I suggest this is because of proximity, amongst other things. The "palestinians" and arab brotherhood do not have the luxury of a sympathetic western press in Israel, where their "taqiya" and propaganda can run free. In Israel, they see daily what must be confronted. They bury their dead daily.
Might I suggest people re-read Leon Uris' "The Haj", or read it for the first time, before coming to any more knee-jerk sympathy for the wonderful arab culture?
Israel is engaged in something we will all have to counter sooner or later.... a revitalised Islamism intent on Ummah. Lets hope Israel gets the job done for us.