Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My First Book Review

Thanks to Bookideas.com and Heather for this review, my first one. Check out their website. Judging by the comments about my book, they are straight shooters who won't lead you astray if you're looking for a good read.

3.5 stars out of 5

What would happen if Mexico’s highest drug cartel teamed up with a handful of Iranian terrorists? A plot to make a terrorist attack on American soil may come to be. What will America do about it? Have we learned anything from the hunt for terrorists in Afghanistan or the occupation of Iraq? This time, the president wants to work with the UN. Is a peaceful result possible? In John Washburn’s novel, “When Evil Prospers,” social chaos is about to unfold. This is a terrifying book when looking at the social study of it all.

The terrorist attack hits the most “Wanted-Dead or Alive” state in the nation – Texas. As a result, the governor takes steps for revenge – or as he sees it – protection for his people. Calling up the Texas National Guard to patrol the Mexico border is just the beginning. What follows is an attack on Cuba and Mexico through developing a volunteer militia – since the President of the US does not support these actions. The UN sees this all as an act of war and takes action. What ensues is an all out division of the United States.

While I am sure that John Washburn intended to draw attention to certain issues, I doubt that he meant for me to be terrified by the possibilities I took notice of – that the political “right,” religious zealots of this country could actually entice such an uprising. This book contains a good deal of one-sided political commentary – most of which I do not agree with. I wonder really, who the “evil” that “prospers” is.

The book raises many issues that American readers should be thinking about. As a work of Christian Fiction, I feel it is typical in mission. As a story, the plot is interesting and fast paced, dealing with unfortunately similar current concerns. Readers will connect with the characters on both sides of the issues and likely find that the author leads them to side with those he gives a greater voice to. In execution, the writing is well done with a tight plot, vivid detail, and protagonists that breathe life. All in all, this is a thought-provoking read.


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Nice review. I am a Christian Author myself (trying to break into mainstream), searching for an agent. My latest work falls in line with this novel in the sense of subject matter. The review was well-done. Bravo for your first review.

Debbie said...

This is a good review. What needs to be stressed in this country is that states should have the right to defend themselves if the government is not doing the job. I believe in small government. The only real purpose of a national government should be security for the country.

In your book, as in real life today, the government is doing a lousy job in protecting us from invaders. In the book there are outside countries and terrorism involved.

In real life we are not being attacked by an invading army, but we are being attacked by illegal immigrants (criminal invaders)from within, and by members of a religion from without and from within.

The United States may very well be headed for some type of division in the future. I see that division between those of use who recognize where political correctness, multiculturalism, tolerance, andthe goals of Islam ... and those who do not see/recognize those dangers.

Islam is not tolerant, it is not open to multiculturalism, it has not changed it's beliefs since it's inception.

Christianity and even Judiasm have changed. We were a country based on religion, Christianity, and look at us now. Compare the religious strength of Christians today to the strength of Muslims and their faith. We have gone astray.

They are reproducing at an amazing pace. The so-called Christian world are killing their children via abortion.

Do you see Christian churches growing and being built in Muslim lands? NO Do you see Christians being allowed to speak out and witness to others in Muslim lands? No.

Yet here mosques are popping up on every corner. CAIR has the last say in all things US/Muslim. The President can't even send out a Christmas card with a Biblical scripture on it, but Muslims can do whatever they want. They are given special place at the White House.

The leader of CAIR, Ahmed, said "There will be no religion but Islam in America and America will be Muslum" Another Muslim leader said that America will be ruled by Islam by 2020.

Of course I don't see things happening that fast, but I do see the trend.

Unless we wake up soon and recognize what is down the road.

A state with militias to protect it's citizens. Absolutely. Depend on the UN. A waste of time.

If the "the political “right,” religious zealots" as the author of the review call them/us, doesn't step forward to save the US, ... who will? The 'left', the 'liberals', the 'godless' as Ann Coulter calls them? I don't think so.

John The Patriot said...

Thanks for the kind words, douglas.

Debbie, you nailed it! I couldn't agree more. The Left is enabling, appeasing and allowing our enemies to destroy us slowly. Who else but us can stop that?

Anonymous said...

Great Review John,

Maybe just Maybe, Heather should recalculate her statement and realize that you may have meant to offer up a terrifying scenario. Perhaps if she thought long and hard about it, she would realize that the repurcussions resulting from the attack are not that altoghether far-fetched.


Debbie said...

The scenario is not farfetched at all. Nothing is out of the realm of thought for the terrorists. Who among us would have thought to fly jets into tall buildings prior to 9/11? We are worried about all the Middle Eastern men that are still taking flight lessons, and we should be. But that will probably not be their next attack.

It will be something 'farfetched' that we would never have thought of on our own. And they just might use morons like the Miami 7, simply because we don't take them seriously. Well, "I" take all threats seriously

Cody O'Connor said...

John, I am inspired that a "common citizen with common opinions" can get a nice book deal and work his way toward a higher reputation. Seeing as though I've been wanting to write my own book, non fiction though. But still very Conservative of course. I have a short description on my blog (top post) if you ever want to check it out...


But enough about me, good luck with your stuff!

John The Patriot said...

Thanks for the kind words, Cody, I'll be sure to stop by your site.

Robert, you're absolutely right about my book being terrifying. That IS how I intended it because if America continues down our current...there is no outcome that is good for us. We MUST change our thinking now, before we fall. But to Heather's credit, she was able to put aside her political disagreement and see beyond my commentary to the basic character of the book, and offer up an honest critique. That shows her professionalism and I appreciate it.

Paul M. Kingery said...

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