Monday, June 26, 2006

Murtha...remember your history

American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran

If I were shown this statement and asked to guess who made such a remark, I’d probably say someone like Kim Jong Il or Amadinejad. Perhaps Chirac, perhaps Bin Laden. But, no, this was said by a United States Congressman, in front of hundreds of people and numerous television cameras. We are currently at war, facing a dangerous, well-funded and well-motivated enemy. American soldiers are dying every day. And one of our Congressman feels the need to say something like this.

Mr. Murtha is entitled to his opinion. I respect that he is against the war, but I do not respect the manner in which he is voicing that opposition. Comments like this do nothing to help the situation. This is not healthy dissent. This is propaganda that the enemy can use to further their cause. They can use this statement to recruit. They can use this statement to motivate. They can use this statement to encourage the fight against America. THAT is not healthy dissent.
Another problem I have with this way of thinking is that it continues a trend this country has followed since Vietnam. It’s a trend in which America is not willing to keep its word, to keep its promise, to stay until the objective is complete. Every US leader since Vietnam has failed to uphold our promise…to "mean what we say, and say what we mean."

Follow along with me:

Nixon/Ford – Vacated Vietnam prematurely, allowing all of Southeast Asia to fall under Communist rule and the emergence of Pol Pot. 1 million people died under his reign.

Carter – Turned his back on the Shah of Iran, which allowed for the emergence of Ayatollah Khoumeni and the theocracy that still prospers there today

Reagan – Vacated Lebanon after a marine barracks bombing, message: We will give in when threatened.

Bush Sr. – Vacated Somalia after the Mogadishu incident, breaking our promise to protect the citizens of Somalia from the hideous warlords that ruled that country, and furthering the message sent by his predecessors

Bush/Clinton - Failed to enforce the cease fire agreement with Saddam Hussein that demanded Iraq disarm. Bush stopped short of Baghdad, failing the Iraqi people and subjecting them to another decade of Hussein's tyranny. Backed off of UN demands, allowing Hussein to stockpile weapons, and perhaps even aid Al Qaeda terrorists.

Clinton – Capitulated to demands from North Korea, allowing them a nuclear reactor under direct threat. Failed to respond forcefully to repeated attacks from Al Qaeda.

Say what you want about Bush. He has made some mistakes. But, at least he has tried to buck this trend. At least he has tried to change America’s image amongst those who desire our downfall. For thirty years, our leaders have delivered a message that America has weakened, that we don’t have the resolve to fight through to victory. If Murtha has his way, then we will continue that message. How can world peace ever be achieved in such a manner?

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chuck said...

i think a comment like that should be treated the same as an act of treason.