Friday, October 27, 2006

Which is more ridiculous?

South Park mocks Crocodile Hunter

I hate to even post this because I’m afraid that it will provide unintended publicity to this show, but I do it for a simple statement. I will no longer view Comedy Central or purchase any cable or satellite plans that have Comedy Central included. I will also be watching the response of the sponsors and if any of them speak out in support of this nonsense then I will include them in my own personal boycott. I understand that Comedy Central may hide behind free speech on this, and I don’t question the show’s producers on whether they have a right to do it. But I do question their responsibility. I watched Steve Irwin’s memorial service and I saw his little girl. She is only 8 years old and she is still grieving the loss of her father. South Park’s writers should at least respect that. There is a chance she could see this and I can’t imagine the pain it would cause her. South Park has repeatedly made controversial cartoons, many of them offensive to Christians and other religions, which they have the right to do. But this is over the line. This is no longer a free speech thing, this is a deliberate transgression into someone’s very personal affairs and it’s uncalled for. I hope I’m not alone in my condemnation of this behavior.

Blix says Iraq better off with Saddam in power

Speaking of insensitive and inappropriate remarks, check out this quote from Hans Blix: "Saddam would still have been sitting in office. Okay, that is negative and it would not have been joyful for the Iraqi people. But what we have gotten is undoubtedly worse,".

I understand the Iraq is in a chaotic and difficult situation, only a fool would say otherwise. Yes, people are dying daily and violence is rampant in certain "hot" areas. Yes, it will take many months, even years, for the Iraqi army to put an end to it and stabilize that nation. But at least the people have a fighting chance. At least they have been given a choice: Democracy or civil war. The truth is that the majority of Iraq is peaceful, and the majority of Iraqis don’t have to deal with daily violence. It’s the Sunni triangle and the insurgents in that area that still need to be subdued. Can it be done? I think that’s up to the Iraqi people, and them only.

But to suggest that these people had it better under Saddam’s boot is outrageous. I wonder how his remarks make those whose loved ones were murdered by Saddam feel? It’s brutally insensitive to say that Saddam’s Iraq was better.

If Iraq slips into civil war, then it’s because the Iraqi people chose such a path and there isn’t much we can do about that. You can lead a horse to water…. But at least now they were given the choice, which is something they never would have had under Saddam. Personally, I think the Iraqis will step up and realize that we can’t do it for them. I think they will choose liberty.


Anonymous said...


On the South Park topic, I haven't seen the episode you detailed, but I am familiar with the show and know that they are equal opportunity offenders.

As horrific as Irwin's death is, should anyone be THAT surprised? Call me insensitive, but the guy made a living by poking and grabbing the most dangerous creatures God ever created!

I read that Irwin's daughter, Mindy, is creating a show of her own...Here's hoping that none of her "special guests" are poisonous.--Deano

John said...

I didn't know about this because I strongly dislike Southpark - what a piece of crap program, and this transgression is no surprise. Some folks never seem to grow up, especially the writers of this program eh?

John The Patriot said...

Dean, you're right by saying that he put his life on the line willingly. But so do cops, firefighters, and those in the military. It's no excuse to poke fun at them or mock their death for a few cheap laughs

Anonymous said...

Point taken, John, in mentioning police and firefighters. However, they put their life on the line for the betterment of society and/or to save the lives of others.

How can swimming with poisonous stingrays do either?--Deano