Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's the guns, right?

My heart goes out to the families in Pennsylvania. As for their killer, he's likely getting what he deserves at this moment. Say hello to Zharqawi and Hitler for us you sick S.O.B.

It's only a matter of time before the Left starts with their usual outcry. Right now, they're a little distracted with the Hastert witch hunt, but give it time. Soon you'll hear the gun control crowd pipe up. Yes, surely all the school violence and the horrendous crime against our kids can be attributed to the evil guns and gun makers of this country. Give it time. You'll hear from them soon.

In my mind, guns aren't the problem. We've had guns in this country for over 200 years. We've only started murdering our children over the past decade. It doesn't take a genius to see that we've become morally bankrupt in this country. That's the problem with America. That's why our children are in danger. Taking away the guns won't solve a damn thing. Immoral people can kill with a lead pipe just as easy as they can with a gun.

Don't believe me? Stop at any moment in your day tomorrow. Take 5 minutes to look around. What do you see? Kids are growing up without proper parental supervision. The 'single-parent' has become just as common as the two parent household. Child abuse is rampant and now we're calling the pedophiles' criminal behavior an illness. We say they need treatment rather than punishment.

We advocate every form of violence, sex acts and graphic scenes on TV and in art as 'free speech' but we invoke the Constitution as a means of keeping God away from our public school system. Today, you can drink a beer nude while uttering every profanity known to man on television. That's OK. But try to mention Jesus and you'll be mobbed faster than you can say Madeline Murray O'Hare.

We call abortion a medical treatment and the death penalty murder. We turn our heads from the adulterous behavior of a President and instead of our elected leaders taking action to protect our kids, they contribute to the problem. "Separation of Church and State" has been inserted into the Constitution as a means of eliminating God from government and public life. We let our kids watch decapitations, stabbings, shootings, disembowements and eviscerations on TV and in video games, but if one of them tries to read the Bible in school it generates a lawsuit.

Child sex predators are "sentenced" to 60 days in jail, while Martha Stewart gets 5 months for insider trading. It's a greater crime to buy stock with inside information than to rape a child in this country. Abortion is advocated as a form of birth control, but try and detain a group of anti-American terrorists and suddenly we're violating human rights.

And we have the gall to be shocked when a man walks into a school and executes a group of young girls?

Either we are in a massive state of denial, or we've collectively agreed to continue on our self-destructive path, consumed with our self-serving agendas that ignores the needs of the next generation and basically don't care about the end result of our sins. Maybe it's a little bit of both. But, either way, it's a national tragedy and our kids are paying the ultimate price. It's something we will ALL have to answer to one day.


Anonymous said...

It's because today the idiots who hate guns aren't taught how to be responsible with them. Then when they get one they go nuts with power and kill people. If we were taught young how to handle a weapon and were more weapons friendly this kind of thing wouldn't happen.

Dan Trabue said...

How would knowing how to handle a gun have prevented this? Are you suggesting that these Amish children should have been totin'? The teacher? Against their values?

Which is not to say that I'm disagreeing with John at all. I agree that we have a violence problem, not a gun problem. I'm not necessarily agreeing at the root causes of WHY we have a violence problem, but I'm not one to respond to something like this by calling for a gun ban.

I just don't think your comment, Robert, is a valid observation in this case.

Allisoni Balloni said...

I hate guns. Why would some who hates guns get one and "go nuts with power and kill people?" That makes no sense at all. I usually stay away from things I hate.

In my opinion, the parent or parents are completely to blame. Certianly there is a problem with violence in this country, but you can control what your children watch on TV, what music they listen to, what movies they see and what video games they play. Of course you can't watch every second of their lives, but what starts at home tends to grow outside of the home. If children are taught at home to tease and fight, you can bet they'll increase that behavior at school when there are more people to tease and fight with. If you teach a child to be patient and loving, they will take their knowledge of that and extend it to their school and their community. Even if you have a child that is somehow naturally inclined to be violent, that is no excuse for being a bad parent or not one at all. We are also living in a time when the government is trying to limit and exclude very valid definitions of what a family is--taking away the very institution that is so critical to the positive development of children.

I am a pacifist to the core, and while I'm not opposed to hunting or police officers carrying guns, etc., (controlled and specific use), I know that my children will never shoot up their high school--simply because they will know better and they will NEVER have access to a gun. I don't think that there is anything punishable about that. We live in a time when war is the answer. And the fact of the matter is, that is dead wrong.

John said...

GREAT post.

In the early sixties, God was removed from the public schools. Now, see how we all reap the benefits of that court's decision each day. America is in deep doodoo. America needs God back as it's supreme commander... Sorry George.

Dan Trabue said...

As if one could remove God from anywhere...