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Here is a review posted on written by Byron Justice, author of Violent Night.

Upon reading this incredible book, it's hard to believe it's written by a NEW author. The writing flows naturally, even when there are flashbacks which build the background for the characters. And these are very well-developed characters, many whom will root for, and a few that'll make you cringe. Although the category listed on the back cover is Christian fiction, this is more of a contemporary political thriller. I don't think non-Christian readers will stumble over the Christian aspect.

The characters behave in a manner similar to how Morgan Freeman played the president in the movie "Deep Impact." The dialogue between the characters is most profound. Whoever writes the speeches for our current politians would only wish to be that good! One does not have to wait at all for the story to build. There is a terrorist attack in the first few pages--and after that, this book is addictive. The book is well-edited; everything in the text moves the story along. The print is rather dense, but broken into short sections.

WHEN EVIL PROSPERS is pure adventure: no sex, no vulgarity, no long Bible passages to muddle through. Washburn holds a traditionalist political view; therefore, this novel has an agenda. When the characters conflict over politics, the readers are treated to some very well-crafted drama. Washburn is adept at handling politics. All of the key characters stand by their principles, so I admired even those characters who stand on the other side of the political spectrum from me. Washburn does not pre-judge the characters--those who make the right decisions are vindicated by the results of their actions; those who make poor decisions fail to win the outcome they desire.

I would give this book six stars if I could. If you read my other reviews, you'll know how much this book impressed me. Reading this book will inspire you and make you proud to be an American. If you are an American Muslim, it will make you proud to be an American Muslim (that's not true with many other post 9/11 novels!). If you are a Texan, this book will make you feel proud to be a Texan. You will take from WHEN EVIL PROSPERS a hope that Washburn accurately captured the soul of the average American, and a worry that "when evil prospers," no one will rise to defend our way of life. Better buy this book and read it fast! The story takes place in 2009!

Byron C. Justice, author of "Violent Night"

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