Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The double standard

Democrat describes Steele as "slavish"

The double standard in Washington and the "politically correct" arena continues. When a democrat says something clearly insensitive and politically incorrect, then there really aren’t many waves made about it. But let a republican do the same thing, and all hell breaks loose. Anyone remember what happened to Trent Lott? Hillary Clinton?

Recently, Steve Lyons was fired from his broadcasting position for ‘insensitive remarks’ about latinos. I read Lyons’ remarks. He was clearly saying something in good humor and, as far as I can tell, Lou Pinella (whom Lyons was referring to) took no offense. Yet, Lyons still lost his job.
In this article, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer refers to Michael Steele (a black Republican candidate) as someone who "slavishly" supported the Republican Party. I think his words were tasteless and stupid, but I don’t think Hoyer should lose his job over it. And, as far as I could tell, it didn’t really bother Steele all that much. Steele seems to prefer sticking to the issues, especially when he has a clear edge in that area.

But what bothers me is that the media didn’t really jump on this issue. When George Allen mistakingly uses a Hindu slang term, he gets crucified for what can arguably be called an honest mistake. Yet, we haven’t really heard much from the media about Hoyer’s comments. Is it because Steele is a Republican? Should we then think that it’s OK to use insensitive politically incorrect descriptions for black Republicans or any other minority Republicans? That’s what it seems to me.

Hillary Clinton can describe Ghandi as a gas-station owner. Not a word is spoken. Robert Byrd can have – in his past – service in the KKK, that’s alright, unless they decide to switch parties. It seems the Dems are immune to the "racist" label.

I don’t think Clinton or Hoyer are racists, and neither is Trent Lott. All I’m asking for is fairness in Washington and the media. There is no doubt that if Steele was a Democrat and Hoyer a Republican, then Hoyer would have been demonized and probably forced out of the election for this remark.

Being politically incorrect is OK if you're a Democrat, but unacceptable if you're a Republican. That's the double standard in America.


Anonymous said...

Come on John,

You must have forgotten about what it means to be a republican. To hear today's Dem's talk, anyone who votes republican flies a Nazi Swastika (Sp?) and a Confederate Battle Flag right under Old Glory in the front yard of our Mobile Home lot. Hell, we all are a bunch of racist homophobes who think that Jerry Fallwell and Pat Roberts should be included in the Bible as the 13th and 14th disciple of Christ.

The only other types of Republican are the rich business owners who put profits above all else.

(Sean Hannity does make an interesting point here---How many poor people have ever hired you for a job? Just something to think about)


Dan Trabue said...

"Being politically incorrect is OK if you're a Democrat, but unacceptable if you're a Republican. That's the double standard in America."

No, I'd suggest that it's the difference between making a questionable remark about your mother and making a questionable comment ABOUT someone's mother.

A fellow "conservative" tells you to it's imperative for us to obey our laws, will likely get a different response than if a hostile Muslim extremist lectures you on the importance of obeying laws.

Context is always important.

John The Patriot said...

Context is important, but I don't think it matters here. I honestly believe that if Steele were a Democrat, then this story would be everywhere. We'd see it everytime we turned on the TV, everytime we opened the paper, until his opponent either had to withdraw or fall to his knees and beg forgiveness. My point in this post is that the mainstream media has a double standard when it comes to being politically correct and I think it's wrong.