Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"It was just a mistake"

Mom throws infant at father

A northwestern Pennsylvania woman accused of using her baby to batter her child's father said she didn't realize what she was doing until it was too late. Chyrotia Graham, 27, of Erie, told police she had been drinking when an argument with the child's father turned violent early Sunday morning, according to an affidavit filed to support Graham's arrest. Graham said she "snapped" and began grabbing things and throwing them at Deangelo Troop, 20, not realizing she had picked up her 4-week-old son, Jarron Troop, telling police she held the child by his legs and swung him at his father. "People are trying to make a big deal about it, but she did not do it on purpose. ... It was just a mistake," he (the father) said.

This story is not a joke, it really happened. A mother used her 4 week old son to assault her mate. Let’s think about this a moment. There is something terribly wrong in our culture. I’ve said so many times on this blog that we, as Americans (indeed as humans) have lost touch with the value of human life. That makes for a solid argument against legalized abortion. In the past, I’ve felt that abortion was wrong but didn’t want to go far enough to say that the government should make it illegal…but the news over the past several years have made me rethink that.

When a society begins to lose its morality, then laws have to be inacted to keep the peace. The fewer morals we have, the more laws have to be passed. Abortion has fallen into that category. Before, we could rationalize its legality by saying that we must protect the woman’s health, or we must have a way for victims of rape or incest to keep from bearing their attacker’s child. That’s a good argument and would hold if we maintained our moral fiber. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Now, abortion is being used as birth control and as a means of avoiding an "inconvenience". We’ve overstepped our bounds here.

So what does abortion have to do with this story? By using it as a tool to eliminate an inconvenience or an ‘oops’, we’ve cheapened human life immeasurably. And I think what started with fetuses is now beginning to spill into infancy. After all, if a fetus has no value then what real value does a 4-week-old have? It’s a disturbing trend, the evidence of which we’ve seen over the past two decades. Just last night, there was a story of a newborn found in a wooded area in Boston wrapped in a Hefty bag, placenta and umbilical cord still attacked, tossed away like yesterday’s trash. And many groups that advocate for abortion on demand are beginning to subscribe to the idea of infanticide as a means of "protecting the mother’s health". Soon, people will use things like post-partum depression and anxiety as a reason to do away with newborns. Some may scoff at this, but there is a real possibility here.

So I support overturning Roe v Wade, mainly because we as a society have demonstrated that we can’t handle legalized abortion as it was meant to be. Like a teenager who gets his curfew extended to midnight, we decided to come home at 4 AM. Legalized abortion is beyond our scope of responsibility and if it remains, I feel it will threaten much more than the human fetus. How long until we base the right to exist for the young and the old on how much they contribute to society or how little they inconvenience society? This is not a medical issue, it’s a moral issue. Medically, abortion should be safe, legal and rare; but that’s NOT how we utilize. Morally, abortion should not be an option for a society that can’t see the value of human life, a society that says "it was just a mistake" when a mother hurls her infant at someone in anger.


Dan Trabue said...

"By using [abortion] as a tool to eliminate an inconvenience or an ‘oops’, we’ve cheapened human life immeasurably."

I think you can make a good point here. I don't know if it's been cheapened "immeasurably," but to the extent that abortion is taken casually (and I'm not sure how large an extent that is), you could argue thatt we have cheapened life.

And, we've also cheapened life and made violence-as-solution acceptable by defending actions like pre-emptive invasions and nuclear bombings. And by our love affair with ultra-violent movies. And by killing those who kill others to show that killing is wrong.

I'd discourage all of these actions, but wouldn't outlaw any of them, except nuclear bombings.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure how to respond to the following statement, so I thought I would toss it to you:

"Abortion would've kept that child from becoming an airborne weapon."

My only thought is adoption. What do you think? --Deano

John The Patriot said...

Hah, that's the typical response for the 'abortion on demand' crowd. What started out as something to protect the mother's health is now viewed as 'mercy-killing' of children.

It's typical for those in denial to spin things in their favor. "Abortion would have kept that child from becoming an airborne weapon" or "If we had a ban on guns the Columbine shooting wouldn't have occured" or "If we weren't so democratic maybe the terrorists wouldn't hate us so much". They completely miss the REAL problem.

I agree with the adoption angle. If we're looking out for the kids, then how about NOT killing them and give them a chance to grow up in a family that cherishes them for what they are?

But, the truth is, we DON'T care about the kids because we're too busy caring about ourselves. That's the only way kids can go to school and open fire on their classmates or get pregnant at age 13. We're a culture whose selfishness has overwhelmed our ability to parent.

And, Dan, history is not on your side. How can war cheapen human life as much as you say? Millions died in WWII, but we weren't throwing our babies at each other afterward. No, there's more to this. Not everything can be blamed on the Iraq War.

Dan Trabue said...

Nor can everything be blamed on abortion. I'm saying that we've cheapened life in many unfortunate ways. It would be foolish to think that there is only one source of why we're more violent.

James Fletcher Baxter said...

In ancient Israel, the pre-born human being was considered to be a person and, at birth, one-year old. The wisdom of Israel held that the value of the single life defined the value of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

History teaches that when the individual person is of expedient non-value, the value of the plural unit, the whole society, becomes regressive and expendable.

Today, there are those who say, "Abortion is such a messy negative subject." The American new age holocaust is what it is. Regardless of a sophisticated rationale it is a form of cannibalism - devouring one's own kind - and has no place in a free humane society based on individual worth.

If the individual is worth zero what will our Nation be worth? Isn't the whole the sum value of the parts - the individuals who make it up?

Is there any other kind of human? After all, isn't every "group" merely a convenient verbalization about individuals?

Ask any ten-year old, "If one equals zero what does twelve equal?"

If each individual is worth zero what will society be worth? The consequences will accrue to each and every individual in our Country.

Dear reader: Don't YOU qualify as 'an individual?' Are YOU prepared to be weighed in the balances of your own choosing? The perverse cause produces the perverse effect. Obviously and sadly, it is already happening...

"The fool foldeth his hands together and eateth his own flesh." Ecclesiastes 4:5 Selah.

Dear Trendy-One: Are there any questions about our Nation? YOUR future? How about arithmetic?

P.S. The next step down? Assisted suicide.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Baxter,

Very well said!


John The Patriot said...

Mr Baxter,
Your words just defined our society. Thank you for pointing out what we must overcome to turn this country back to God.

God bless you, Sir.