Friday, October 13, 2006

A look at the headlines

North Korea threatens attack again

How many threats will we tolerate? If we or South Korea or Japan gets attacked by Il, how long will it take for the Left to start blaming Bush and the military. After all, he issued several threats right? That’s what they’re doing with 9/11, assigning blame. Yet, the Left seems to be opposed to actually taking these threats seriously

Iran continues nuclear plans

One nut already has the bomb, another is on the verge. The UN has still done NOTHING in either case. My question is "What’s it gonna take?"

Dems would raise taxes if they controlled Congress

This is filed in the category of …Duh!

Air America files for bankruptcy

This is a good indication of the attitude mainstream America has towards the radical Left. I’ve listened to Air America, more out of curiosity than anything, and it was truly vile. I’ve never heard such hatred and anti-American rhetoric from the commentators on that network. There was no healthy debate. There were a lot of character attacks. In short, there was nothing constructive going on. I’m glad that America rejected this nonsense.


Wasp Jerky said...

Given our $8 trillion dollar debt, I think raising taxes might be a good idea.

John The Patriot said...

Let's see,
The DOW is eclipsing 12,000 and breaking records daily; home ownership is at an all-time high - including among minorities; retail sales are climbing; government revenues are on the rise (yes, revenue is HIGHER with LOWER taxes -I wonder how that works...hmmm) while unemployment is falling. All of this is a direct result of tax CUTS from Bush, despite the 9/11 setback and record oil prices. But, you want to stop all of this to reduce the debt.

Makes sense. Let's bring our economy to a halt and re-implement the tax sytem of the Carter days when people were paying upwards of 70% income tax...because the economy of the 70s was sooooo good.

Sounds great!!!!

Debbie said...

I urge everyone to go vote, take your friends to vote, talk to your friends and family about the candidates and the differences in them. You would be surprised how many people are just ignorant of the facts and the candidates and blindly vote. And PRAY. ha

John said...

Of course the United Nations has done nothing. It's all these clowns ever do.

I'd like to the the U.N. moved off of American soil. They stain it, just as the Democraps do.

I never listened to this Air America but apparently I didn't miss anything. Glad this group is out of business. Now if only the Dems would go out of business too...