Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Where is our Third Party?

I’ve made no bones about my ire towards politicians, and this Foley scandal is doing nothing to assuage that. I posted yesterday on Foley’s actions. He resigned and is out of politics forever. The GOP has asked the proper authorities to investigate for evidence of any state or federal law violation and, if found, hopefully will call for full prosecution of Foley. That would be the right thing to do. This blogger will be watching.

Now comes the politics, as expected. One by one the Left is parading in front of the cameras, condemning the Republicans and speaker Hastert, as though the entire party is guilty. Fox News, The Miami Herald and The ‘Leningrad’ Times are being criticized for ‘sitting’ on an email in which Foley asked the page in question for a photograph. But, Hastert is taking the brunt of the criticism. Apparently, Hastert should have known there was inappropriate behavior from Foley, even though these three major news outlets – all of which had the same information Hastert had – didn’t see a "story" worth reporting. And anyone who knows The ‘Leningrad’ Times also knows that if they had some dirt on a Republican Congressman they wouldn’t hesitate to report it. They aren’t exactly supportive of the GOP. But they didn’t report it, probably because they are familiar with the defamation and libel laws in this country.

But Hastert should have known, and now they want him to resign. I’m no big fan of Denny Hastert and his do-nothing GOP fatcats, but I don’t see how he is responsible in any way for Foley’s wrongdoing. And when scores of Democrats start claiming moral high ground, it brings the putrid taste of bile into my mouth. I’ll say it again. NEITHER party has ANY basis for claiming moral superiority. I’m tired of this partisan hypocrisy that overlooks the wrongdoing of one only to point fingers at others when it benefits them politically. Politics is a mental illness that has infected our elected leaders and somehow prevents them from ‘calling it as it is’. For some reason, these people only see wrong behavior when it can help them politically. It’s disgusting.

In my opinion, the only Dems who have the right to criticize Foley are the ones who also criticized Rep Jefferson in his questionable financial dealings and Clinton in his adulterous behavior. Does anyone in that party fit this description? No? Then shut it. I don’t want to hear of Congressmen having inappropriate relationships with minors any more than I want to hear of hypocritical charges from the other party. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels that way. Come November, if I had my way, they would ALL be looking for a job. I’m tired of Americans electing people who would better serve this country behind bars than in the halls of Congress, yet we continue to do so. Where is the credible third party that we all so desperately need?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the third party. I've long been a proponent of such, even after being subjected to the "you're throwing away your vote" ridicule (you supported Ross Perot too, right?).

The problem is the same one facing voter turnout. No one thinks their vote will make a difference, especially when voting for a third party.

If there's one thing the Repub's and Dem's can agree on, it's their perceived purpose of a third party: to sway votes away from the opponent without the slimmest chance of actually winning.

My position is this: most people who attend sporting events cheer vocally or clap or something. Do you think the players can actually hear YOUR specific noise? Probably not, but you do it anyway...and together with everyone else, the stadium or arena or coliseum rocks. Same goes for voting(moreso for third parties): does YOUR ONE vote make a difference? Probably not in most elections, but your one vote anyway...and together with all the other voters a third party can make a difference. --Deano

pdaddy said...

For once in my life I agree with Deano. (That's Scary) I've had enough of this political crap. Neither party cares about what americans think. They spend too much time trying to find dirt on each other to sway votes and keep their posh lifestyles. I'm in on the third party. Problem is they're usually quacks like Nader.

When someone shows me they care about America, I will vote for them.

Dan Trabue said...

And how is Nader a quack?

But as to How to implement a third party, check out IRV - instant runoff voting.


Wasp Jerky said...

There was a piece in Rolling Stone not too long ago speculating on whether New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would run as a third party candidate. It would be pretty nice. He's a billionaire liberal Republican. That would shake the 2008 race up a wee bit.