Monday, October 16, 2006

Seeking asylum in the UK land of entitlements

UK asylum seekers getting out of hand.

This article is a great representation of what happens to a country with open borders and a massive system of entitlements, all paid for by the working class of course. The UK has seen a dramatic rise in those seeking "asylum", including some Americans. These people are then given free healthcare, free accommodations and a weekly government stipend and they aren’t even UK citizens.

They continue to receive these entitlements while they’re asylum application is reviewed which gives them ample time to blend into the populace. If the request is rejected, rarely do they get evicted or deported. Apparently, the word has gotten out and the UK is being inundated with these people. Obviously, it has and will continue to take its toll on the economy and the tax payers. Not only that, but there is very little background checking, which means that this is not only a social threat but also a national security threat.

Next month we will elect a new Congress and you’d better believe that if the Left takes over, this is the direction we will be heading. There will be nothing done about the border, entitlements will increase and, as a result, so will taxes. In the end, we will be paying for non-citizens to come to America to leech off of our hard work. Sound good to you? I say no thanks. Hopefully, America agrees.

But my concern is that the average American is not very well informed politically. They hear the soundbites on CNN or CBS and base their vote on that. They have no idea what a Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would mean for this country’s future. They have no idea what a "cut and run" policy in Iraq would do to our national defense. And they certainly have no idea how high our taxes will go with the Left in office.

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John said...

Spot on, John! Unfortunatly, it appears that most Americans do indeed base all of, or part of, they're political decisions on the all too often false or left-leaning spin and disinformation that our leftist American media pumps out every day.

These poor folks don't have a clue that they are being lied to by a bunch of liberal rats that want this nation to be taxed to death, and also smothered by illegals whom we the American people will end up being forced to pay for, while they sit on they're collective butts and reap the benifits of the average American worker's hard work.

This is pure bunk, it's immoral and I'll even call it evil. But then consider the source... Democrats in America these days are much more like Socialists, who seem to want America to revert to Joseph Stalin's era in Russia. Some folks will never learn from history's sad lessons.