Sunday, March 18, 2007

"When Evil Prospers" named Best All Around Christian Fiction Novel of 2007


Thanks to Christian Storyteller for the award. If you'd like to purchase my book you can click here for the Amazon order page. As always, I welcome feedback on everything I write.

Here is the latest review (also on Amazon) from the Military Writers Society of America (written by R. Ballister): 5 STARS!

John Washburn has crafted a truly amazing tale about what could happen if America gives up her role as world superpower. Set shortly after the conclusion of the Second Gulf War, the book finds an America led by a very liberal president, put in office by the backlash generated by her predecessor's Middle East conflict. When terrorists strike in Texas even worse than 9/11, the President takes diplomacy over military action and bows to the UN. The Texas Governor, along with some patriotic Texans, realize that America cannot bow down and must strike back. Tangles with the Cuban military and a standoff at the Mexican border are just two of the results. The events are fictitious, of course, but Washburn's writing style makes them all too believable. He does an especially good job of expressing the emotional turmoil that his characters are feeling as they make very difficult choices. Further, I enjoyed the way he weaved his personal faith and values into his characters, adding even more depth and realism to them and their struggles. This book is an outstanding read, and will be thouroughly enjoyed by anyone who likes military or political fiction, as well as those who enjoy Christian fiction. It has my highest recommendation.

I am humbled by all the kind words. I appreciate the support of all my readers. God Bless America and God Bless Texas!

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