Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Congessman’s office vandalized

This is an example of what many in the “anti-war” crowd feel is appropriate behavior. Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers has become the victim of cheap criminal activity. His office was attacked recently and vandalized. Obviously, this was done because of his support for the Iraqi War and support for the US troops fighting that war. Red paint was splashed on signs and the interior of the office was heavily damaged. I don’t have to say how ridiculous this is. So much for “peaceful assembly.”

I’ve pretty much had it with these far Left extremists who 1) can’t engage in civilized debate without becoming hysterical, overly emotional or resorting to cheap name-calling (like homophobe, racist, sexist, etc) and 2) find it appropriate to resort to illegal behavior like this in a vain and self-destructive attempt to get their point across. This is bullying, nothing more. The fact is that there are many on the Left who won’t tolerate an opposing opinion and will do pretty much whatever it takes to silent those who disagree with them – including shouting them down in debate (remember what happened to the Minute Men in New England) or flat out intimidation. Do these people have any respect for Democracy?

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John said...

I'd made a post on this the other day, what a bunch of bunk! Those responsible should be imprisoned for this crap. Congrats on the book!