Monday, March 26, 2007

Hagel says impeachment an option

Senator Chuck Hagel alluded to the possibility of impeachment hearings the other day, saying that Bush is at fault for not listening to the will of the people in his “go-it-alone” approach to the Iraq War, and ignoring the will of the Congress. Yes, folks, this is actually what Hagel – a Republican – believes. To be blunt, Hagel is a complete and utter buffoon.

I can understand why the Dems would desperately want to impeach Bush. The Clinton presidency is a black mark on their party because of his short comings. He is the only modern day president to be impeached and they don’t like that. So, doing the same to the Republicans would even the score. They seek revenge and are clearly still very bitter about Clinton’s impeachment – never mind that Clinton was guilty of a “high crime” when he perjured himself and the Democrats stood by him regardless – that’s beside the point. What matters is that a GOP president must be impeached now, and Bush is an easy target with his unpopular war.

But why would Hagel want something like this? After all, he is (supposedly) a Republican. The best guess I have is that he wants to distance himself from Bush (who suffers from low approval ratings) and perhaps supporting impeachment would do that. In short, it’s the best way to save his own political neck, damn the consequences. I don’t have to remind people of what this country went through with Clinton’s impeachment. It was embarrassing to say the least, at best it was a disgrace upon our country and the Office he served. But who cares about that now? The Dems want to even the score, and there may be some Republican Rats who feel the need to jump ship as well.

In case there is doubt, let’s review the facts: Congress voted approval for the war, they voted to give Bush the authority to go to war and it was a pretty lopsided vote. So Bush DID have Congressional approval. And every time more money is needed, then Congress votes to approve that money and thus continue the war that they feel is illegal. So Bush had initial authority AND that authority is renewed every time Congress approves more money for the war. The war in Iraq continues with Congressional approval – so if it’s an illegal war then why doesn’t the Democrat majority STOP FUNDING THE WAR???? If it’s illegal, and they continue funding it, wouldn’t all those who vote for this be vulnerable to prosecution?

Second, the legality of the war can be found in the cease fire agreement of the first gulf war. The US has a RIGHT to enforce these agreements and the UN doesn’t have to endorse it. That treaty wasn’t signed with the UN, it was signed with the US and the British. Not only that, but this was not a “go it alone” strategy. That would imply that the US acted without any international approval or support, which would simply ignore the participation of nations like the UK, Poland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Australia and many others. There were actually many nations involved, are we to seek criminal charges against these leaders as well?

Again, Hagel is a buffoon. There is NO evidence of illegal activity by the Bush administration, and implying such is irresponsible and foolish, not to mention disgraceful. And this man is running for president? Anyone considering voting for him should seriously reconsider. We don’t need someone this irresponsible in the White House at a time when responsibility is vital in our leadership. Hagel needs to go back to the corn fields and unless someone has substantial PROOF of illegal activity then all this impeachment talk should stop right now.


Dan Trabue said...

"So, doing the same to the Republicans would even the score."

While I'm not the one to defend the Dems as I'm no big fan, it is a bit childish to say such things. If you're just blowing off steam, I understand, we all do that at times.

But if you truly think the majority of Dems are just wanting to "even the score - damn the country, we just want to impeach you because you impeached us!" you are suffering from an underestimation of your brother and sister Americans.

Undoubtedly, there may be some equally childish Dems who'd think such tripe, but for the most part, most Republicans and most Dems want what's best for our country and our world. We're not in grade school.

There are a great number of people - from across the prism - who don't trust Bush. Who think that he may well have misrepresented facts to get us into a badly thought out invasion that is hurting, not helping, our national security.

These people include progressive Christians such as myself and nearly all my church members. It includes traditional Christians such as my parents and many of their friends, who are wary of speaking ill of anyone, but who quite honestly don't trust this administration.

It includes Democrats such as most of those in office, Republicans such as Hagel, Green party members and honest Libertarians.

We are not seeking revenge, so nyaa! We are adults who are looking at the evidence and finding Bush making horribly questionable decisions for suspiciously questionable motives.

Blow off steam if you wish. I do it sometimes. But don't underestimate your fellow citizens. If the majority of the country and world is against you, it may be you're being prophetic, but it just as well sometimes be because you're wrong.

John Washburn said...

With all due respect, I think you're giving our political leaders way...way...WAY too much credit. If you feel that most Reps and Dems want what's best for the country and the world and are above such "tripe" then you obviously haven't been paying much attention to the atmosphere in Washington. I think, for the most part, they want what's best for THEM and their party...damn the consequences. How else can you explain defeatism? How is America's defeat in Iraq the best thing for the country and the world?

It seems every day these politicians, on both sides, are pulling out cheaper and cheaper ploys in an attempt to gain political favor. At best this is childish, yet you seem to think that I am underestimating them. In case you haven't noticed, this country has tanked over the past 30-40 years and in that time BOTH parties have had their shot at leadership, and this kind of political "gotcha" is how they feel our problems can be solved. Yes, it's childish and irresponsible. Don't blame me for pointing out the obvious. If they want to behave like children then that's how I'm going to describe them. After all, there really is no logical explanation for this behavior - that would require having EVIDENCE for impeachable crimes...and I have yet to see any of it. Again, what you think or feel doesn't matter if you're accusing someone of criminal have to have proof.

So, my words may seem childish, but again I'm just describing the behavior of our so-called leaders. It's a non-partisan description. They're ALL behaving like 3rd graders and it wouldn't bother me if every one of them stepped down. Why on earth would you want to defend these clowns? What have they down to deserve our respect, admiration or trust?

Dan Trabue said...

I was directing my response more to the people of the nation - Dems and Republicans - than defending our representatives. I share your distrust in them.

Nonetheless, the Dems and some Republicans in office - some of whom may indeed be acting childishly - are only representing the people who elected them to stand opposed to this president.

John said...

John, good post. The Klintonista presidency is in my mind, the most irresponsible and internationally embarrassing presidency I can recall, with the possible exception of the Jimmy Carter years.

I agree that the Dems are out for revenge. It's to me, blatantly obvious by the way the Dems handle themselves from day to day.

The Democratic party has done nothing but try and trash president Bush' presidency from day one... Does this country really need this garbage, especially at this time with a war in progress? Heck no.

No wonder (they) are sometimes called the 'crybaby party'.

Americans are subjected to their tantrums, month after month and I sincerely wish that these people would just shut the heck up and let the president do his job.

And Chuck Hagel? He's obviously doing what ever it will take to keep his political career in motion. I wouldn't vote for this creep even if I were paid to do so.

He's nothing more than a snake in the grass, as are so many other politicians - with no regard to the left or right. Dan - sometimes the truth hurts...