Thursday, March 15, 2007

Again, politics and war obviously don’t mix. After failing to cut funds from the war they so desperately hate, the Dems tried today to pass a resolution calling on troop withdrawal to begin in 120 days. Seems to me if they really wanted this then they would simply put forth a resolution to stop funding the war. But, no, that’s way too logical and it would make the Democrats look like they don’t support the troops. So what’s the next best thing? A resolution to being troop withdrawals now.

This is another example politicizing the war in Iraq. Both parties are guilty of it, make no mistake, but the Democrats seemed to have turned it into an art form. They can’t even get the votes for a non-binding resolution against the war. Everyone is too afraid of looking like the bad guy. So they try this. I’ll call it what it is…cowardice.

In short, if you want to end the war now then STOP FUNDING IT!!!! Don’t try this backdoor under the table crap that means nothing just so you can say “I supported the war while I was opposing it”. That just belittles our legislative process and makes America look ridiculous.

Needless to say, the measure was defeated, but the Dems got what they wanted…a chance to say they opposed the war on record. Now, since they continue to fund the war they oppose, they have the luxury of basking in whatever outcome occurs. They have their fence-riding legislation. They can do no wrong. And so we have, on record, 48 Senators officially saying that they are against a war that they have voted to fund. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is politicizing the war. It is ridiculous.

I’ve included a vote tally on the measure. John Edwards and John McCain didn’t vote. That should tell you something about both men.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting the Democrats aren't too pleased with the actions of their representatives just now. What is this bill? 0 for 3?

John said...

As I said on another site today, Americans need more choices than the two squabbling idiot parties known as Republicans and Democraps.

The United States would be much better off if the Dems could be done away with. All these jerks do is piss and moan about everything, especially when they can't get their own way.

No wonder they have been called the Crybaby Party. They are like a disease upon this country, stopping at nothing to stifle any forward progress by our president, and all the while attempting to further their religion: Liberalism and politics. This is THE alter these creeps worship at...