Thursday, March 01, 2007

Parents swap baby for down payment on a car

Brother and sister fighting incest laws

Here are just two stories that can be seen in today’s headlines. I think they illustrate the obvious, something we all know but only a few are willing to admit. Humans, as a species, are declining morally. Time and again I’ve mentioned on this blog that we’ve become gluttons of freedom. Take a look around, starting with these headlines, and you’ll see what I mean. Freedom is good, but freedom without God leads to utter chaos. Have we reached that point yet?

Babies have become bartering tools. Siblings are fighting for the right to have sex with each other. Child molestation is being called a disease, not a crime. Human fetuses are valued more for their scientific “potential” than their humanity. Children are being neglected by their parents, and we see the results every day – school shootings, rising pregnancy rates, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse. We’ve simply become too selfish and self-involved to raise kids with the love and attention needed for healthy development. I could go on, but you get the point.

Liberals would say this is a problem that the government should fix. We should make laws, we should increase government funding, blah blah blah. I’ve said before, you can’t legislate morality and America – indeed the entire world – is facing a severe morality problem. The fact that we have to make more laws is a symptom of such a problem. But what would you expect from a society that teaches Darwinism – a theory that removes the sacred divinity from man? Or a society that advocates abortion on demand so women can basically have sex with men they don’t want to have children with? Or a society that advocates scientific research on human life in order to better “more important” human life? Is it any surprise that we’ve reached a point where human life is cheap and anything goes when it comes to our behavior? We’re just a bunch of animals, right? That’s what Darwin says. So why not act like animals?

Ever since we began diminishing God’s role in the public square, our moral decline has followed suite. One can say there is a direct relationship. Less God means less morals. That sounds obvious, but mention it in debate and the Left has a conniption. They make up other reasons like: we don’t spend enough to help the poor, or the rich white man is responsible by manipulating others, or our prison system doesn’t do enough to rehabilitate, or child molesters need treatment not punishment, or it’s all because of global warming, or (my favorite) it’s our war-making tendency that drives our moral fiber down. They’ll use any reason under the stars, including the stars themselves, to explain why we’ve fallen. What they won’t admit is that maybe it’s because we’ve pushed God out to make room for our humanist pursuits.

As much as I’m concerned about the threat of Islamofascism, I don’t think that will bring down America. The threat is real and must be dealt with, but we could do it. We’ve done it before. No, the death of America will be from within, as a result of our own selfish pursuits and failure to acknowledge our duty to God, family and country. If we continue down the path we’re on, continue pushing God out and letting immoral behavior in, this country won’t survive.

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