Thursday, March 08, 2007

Edwards: Jesus would be appalled at our selfishness.

It always amazes me how Democratic presidential candidates suddenly find religion while on the campaign trail and sometimes, in the case of Hillary Clinton, discover a fake urban southern accent. John Edwards has been talking about Jesus recently and I can’t help but chuckle about it. Apparently, according to Edwards, Jesus would not approve of our selfishness and our willingness to wage unnecessary wars. So says the prophet Edwards. Which brings up a few questions in my mind.

First, if Jesus would not approve of the Iraq War, then why did Edwards vote for it. In fact, during his 2004 campaign he stood by that vote and basically said we were doing the right thing in Iraq. Of course, once he was selected as Kerry’s running mate his tone changed. Would Jesus have changed his mind like that?

And remember, Edwards is one of the wealthiest politicians in this country, next to Al Gore of course. Edwards made that money by suing doctors, mainly obstetricians, for failing to perform C-sections and thus, according to him, caused many children to be born with cerebral palsy. Edwards made a lot of money doing this and it turns out he was wrong. Science has proven that delaying a C-section does NOT cause cerebral palsy. Meanwhile, many a physician’s career has been ruined by Edward’s efforts, and many a dollar paid to undeserving individuals, including Edwards himself, based on this false accusation. Not to mention the “hidden” costs of increased malpractice insurance and loss of healthcare access for people when their doctors close up shop. Has Edwards made amends? Has he given back any of this money? Has he even so much as apologized for being wrong? Would Jesus approve of this?

Is selfish worse than government imposed taxes that harm families in order to provide for bureaucrat-infested entitlement programs that have proven to be ineffective? It amazes me how the Left trusts the government to care for poor and is perfectly willing to raise YOUR taxes to do it. Perhaps if Edwards did just a smidge of research on this, he would discover that the VAST majority of individual charitable contributions come from conservatives, specifically conservative Christians, and NOT from the "champions of the poor" on the Left. Oh yeah, I don't see Edwards volunteering any information on his past charity work either.

Hopefully, no one will buy this garbage. Edwards is a phony in every sense of the word. He’s an ambulance chaser, a greasy used car salesman who will do anything and say anything to get your vote. Don’t be fooled. Don’t cheapen your vote. Don’t fall for this guy’s pandering.


Dan Trabue said...

1. Edwards was right about Jesus being opposed to immoral wars and selfishness.

2. You are right that it is repugnant when Dems "find religion" as a political tool.

3. The only thing worse than when Dems use religion (saying rightly that Jesus would oppose needless killing) for political ends is when the Republicans use religion (saying wrongly that Jesus would encourage this sort of invasion) for political ends.

John The Patriot said...

1) I agree
2) I agree
3) I agree

Maybe this is a first