Friday, March 23, 2007

After listening to the political bickering for over a week, I feel it’s about time I posted on the firing of the US Attorneys. For those who don’t know, several US prosecutors were fired by the Justice Department on the orders of Attorney General Gonzalez. There were no reasons given at the time, but word spread that there was something dirty going on and that these attorneys were in the process of investigating political corruption and that’s why they were dismissed. The Justice Dept has responded by saying that they were fired because of lack of action against criminals, namely illegal immigrants.

The firings were legal. The Justice Dept can do this anytime it wants and it doesn’t have to give a reason. It has happened before and will certainly happen again. The Attorney General has a responsibility to ensure that US laws are enforced and that those who break the law are prosecuted. These attorneys were obviously failing in that responsibility and so they were fired, as well they should have been. While I’m not a huge fan of Gonzalez - my perception to this point has been that he was soft on illegal immigrants - but this has changed that. I’m glad to see Gonzalez taking action. It’s about time someone did.

So there was nothing illegal here. The White House and the Justice Department did what every other modern day administration has done. Whenever there are employees not doing their job, the expectation should be that they lose that job and get replaced by someone more competent. Even Senator Feinstein at one time called for action against Southern California prosecutor Lam for her failure to prosecute : “Even Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., now one of Lam's strongest supporters, questioned Lam's immigration prosecution rates, although Feinstein said she was satisfied with the answer that Lam was focusing on big cases.”

Lam was one of the Attorneys fired by Gonzalez. Yet, Feinstein has mysteriously changed her tune and she is one of the Senators leading the attacks on Gonzalez and Bush. And so the Democrats are demanding an investigation and are threatening to subpoena several of Bush’s advisors, especially Karl Rove, which really begs the question: Why the deep obsession with this guy? The Dems have been after him for a decade and they just can’t seem to get over it. Bush has offered to allow Rove to be questioned privately, but not under oath. This isn’t acceptable to Congress. The Dems at least want his questioning on the record and they really want him to be under oath. Basically, they want to opportunity to “catch” him saying something inaccurate, a la Scooter Libby, so they can file perjury and obstruction of Justice charges and get rid of him once and for all. This is a violation of Presidential privilege and Bush is adamantly opposed to it. His reason: if his advisors are in danger of being subpoenaed every time they offer advice, then it poses a risk of hindering future advice…not a good policy for the Commander-in-Chief. Bush is right. He needs to protect his advisors and Congress should respect that. Yet, the obsession with “getting” Rove continues.

Let’s call this what it is, yet another witch hunt, if you’re keeping track of them as they go by. If it’s not Valeria Plame, it’s the suspicious firing of attorneys. No matter what Bush does, he will be scrutinized to extremes in a constant game of gotcha and it’s threatening our democratic political process. The Dems are clearly intent on creating scandal and portraying the Bush administration as corrupt when they have no basis for these claims. It’s disgusting politics and yet they continue to get away with it. The House is on the verge of complete gridlock. The Senate is getting nastier every day. There’s more bickering and arguing than on a kindergarten playground and nothing is getting accomplished. Pelosi has failed to control things. Biden hasn’t done much better. Meanwhile, we’re at war, oil prices are going up, eight thousand people enter this country illegally every day and Iran is detaining British sailors in the Persian Gulf. Doesn’t Congress have better things to do? Apparently not. Apparently, their priority is the need to drum up scandal and investigate suspected wrong-doing. In short, they are failing miserably to meet their responsibility to the American people. Every time some intellectually shallow Congressman uses the word “impeachment” it only adds to that persona. Our politicians have become nothing more than a bunch of 4 year old children…except most 4 year olds tend to be more mature that these idiots we’ve chosen to lead our nation.

They are deeply obsessed with Karl Rove, in a word it’s kinda creepy, and they are so pathetically enthralled with winning in ’08 that they lack the ability to focus on ANY major issue that needs urgent attention. To use the word incompetent is an understatement and maybe even inappropriate. I think incapable would be better. It’s like asking a carpenter to fly an airplane. He’s not incompetent, he’s simply incapable. That accurately describes Pelosi, Feinstein, Biden and the rest of these people that the voters felt were fit to tackle our toughest problems. Anyone else for an immediate recall?

I am not one to immediately jump in Bush’s corner on every issue. I have some frustrations with him. But this cheap politics is getting really old really fast and it MUST STOP NOW. In case no one noticed, there are some serious problems facing this country and putting Karl Rove in jail won’t solve ANY OF THEM. The Democrats need to show that they are capable of leading this country, and they need to do it fast. Hillary and Obama need to take a break from their campaign and restore some semblance of order in Washington. If the Dems can’t do this, then they need to step down and let someone step in who can. It’s that simple.


Anonymous said...

Legal or illegal doesn't matter to them John. They're politicians. They just hate President Bush and his people. I just wish they'd do their job rather than go on witch-hunts.

Dan Trabue said...

"In case no one noticed, there are some serious problems facing this country and putting Karl Rove in jail won’t solve ANY OF THEM."

Actually, many of us think that investigations into the Bush White House including Rove will begin to solve a good number of problems. We think the evidence suggests these people are dirtier than a week-old diaper.

The problem is that you have a problem with us having a problem with the Bush White House. But a majority of your fellow citizens think Bush is not trustworthy. We question this war he's got us in. We question his energy "policy."

It's not a matter of us "hating him," (and those who suggest that are just trying to change the subject with an empty strawman).

We think his administration is a threat to Democracy and so our representatives are doing what we've elected them to do. It's the way it works.

John Washburn said...

If you believe that goose-chase investigations will solve America's problems then you're more naive than I thought. Just because you "suspect" corruption gives you, nor anyone else, the right to launch unwarranted investigations. You have to have some proof to back your claims, and you have none. Suspicion doesn't cut it in this country, and that applies even to the President. If there was proof, the Dems would have filed charges by now - but they have none. So instead they beat around with this hokey BS in an attempt to generate the appearance of impropriety for gaining political favor.

Come on, Dan, you can't honestly tell me that what the Dems are doing is a genuine and legitimate probe into corruption and not a cheap political ploy. I thought you had a keener sense for BS than that.