Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Biden fires volley at Dem opponents.

This is perfectly priceless. I’ve read it several times. Incredible. This could very well represent what’s to come (and if Hillary sticks with her prior campaign tactics, it certainly does) which means that the ’08 campaign is going to be the ugliest on record. This is only the beginning. According to Biden, Hillary is not electable, Edwards doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Obama doesn’t have a plan or a tactic. But the absolute greatest comment was this about Obama:

"the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.... I mean, that’s a storybook, man"

I hate to bask in a comment like this, but it’s perfect. Biden, along with all the other Dems, seem to pride themselves on being the party for minorities and for some unexplained reason minorities (especially blacks) buy it. Then, every now and then you get a comment like this. Obviously to Biden this isn’t a big deal, and I doubt the black caucus or Al Sharpton will raise any objections either. Certainly if Bill Frist or Mitt Romney had said this then it would be pasted on the front page of every major US newspaper – after all, it’s the Republicans who are racist, right?

Do I think Biden is a racist? I don’t know him, but I doubt it. My guess is that it was meant as an innocent evaluation of Obama and all the prior black candidates. At worst, it was a dumb thing to say, or it could have simply been a brilliant campaign move - he does have everyone talking about him. My point is that a double standard exists in the media and the public eye. This will be brushed aside by them. No big deal, the guy’s a Democrat, he didn’t mean it. That would hardly be the case if a Republican had said this.

So I can’t wait to see what happens. Will Al Sharpton boycott Biden? Will Jesse Jackson hold a march against his office? Will the NAACP respond? (Note: since this was posted Jesse Jackson has already responded that he wasn't offended and that Biden meant nothing by it).

What needs to happen is for a lesser known GOP candidate like Hagel or Brownback (someone who doesn’t have a chance) to step up and say the EXACT same thing. It would be a brilliant test of the mainstream media. Of course, they’d see right through it, but I don’t think that would stop them from showing their double standard. It would really be entertaining.


Anonymous said...

[I'm experiencing technical difficulty, I thought I already posted this - Dan from Payne Hollow:]

"My point is that a double standard exists in the media and the public eye. This will be brushed aside by them."

Now that this HASN'T been brushed aside and Biden has been chastised by Dems and in the media, are you prepared to adjust this comment?

On to your major point: Does it not make complete sense that a group that is already distrustful of the Republicans (whose actions have not been favorable towards that group) would be more quick to judge the Republicans and individuals from that party than they would Dems or individuals from that party, whose actions and words, they believe, have been more representative of that group?


John The Patriot said...

No, I'm not going to modify anything. This hasn't gotten nearly the attention it would had a Republican said something similar. Basically, a Republican would have come under so much fire that he would have been forced to resign his position a la Trent Lott. I don't see Biden in any danger of this.

As for your statement: "...already distrustful of the Republicans (whose actions have not been favorable towards that group..."

I have no idea where you get this and I'd like some specifics about how the GOP have shown unfavorable actions towards minorities, especially blacks. Dating back to Lincoln, the Republican party has been VERY supportive of blacks in this country. It was the GOP who faught the segregation laws. The GOP who freed the slaves. Bush's education, home ownership and small business policies have benefited blacks tremendously. I'd venture to say that blacks have prospered more under this President than any in recent history. I can provide the stats to back it up if necessary.

YOu're probably referring to entitlement programs which have been in place for 40 years and done ABSOLUTELY nothing for the advancement of minorities in this country. They have, however, secured a pretty solid voting block for the Dems - "give us your vote and we'll give you gov't money". Meanwhile, black society remains stagnant under Dem leadership. Yet, they're the party for the minorities and the GOP is the white,Christian party. That reflects nothing but ignorance in the average citizen.

Dan Trabue said...

I'm well aware of what the blessed Republicans did back before 1960 for civil rights. That's why, back then, blacks voted Republican regularly.

But then, the Republican party changed and it has become apparent to African Americans that they do not represent their interests.

Or do you suspect that when you have a bloc that votes 90% against a party that they're all just dumb or have been fooled? Ignorance, you say?

I'll be sure to pass that along. I'm sure it will win over many new votes.

And you wonder why blacks are distrustful of Republicans...

John The Patriot said...

It's either ignorance or simple old fashioned greed, Dan. I asked for specific examples of how exactly the GOP has not been favorable towards blacks. Anything?